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Common Core Used to Manipulate 1st Graders

Wyoming adopted the Common Core State Standards, a set of nationally developed, untested, progressive standards in English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics, in September 2011. Prior to the final adoption by the State Board of Education, an unelected body appointed by the Governor, Wyoming school districts began implementing the Common Core standards into their curriculum. 

While Common Core is a set of standards to establish knowledge criteria for each grade level, standards and curriculum go hand in hand, as curriculum is developed around standards; which is why publishing companies are rushing to market new textbooks integrating Common Core’s progressive standards into curricular materials. These new textbooks are being bought by school districts all around the country.

One of the many deeply disturbing problems with curriculum developed around the Common Core is highlighted in the unsettling but informative video posted by a parent advocacy group. (Click on link below.)

In a literature (ELA) textbook for 1st graders, the use of negative feelings instead of reason is being taught as an important tool to manipulate a response to getting one’s way.  Negative feelings such as anger, fear and guilt, the children are instructed, can be used to elicit a wanted response. This poisonous instruction being given to 6 year olds stands firmly against the tradition of reason and rational thought found in the Western tradition.

Children are not encouraged to develop a secure internal structure of personal character, but rather to simply learn to be manipulative craftsman for a selfish cause; appealing to their emotional nature instead of developing the skills to become a disciplined, rational thinker.

Another example shows how a lesson is used to disrupt the relationship between a child and parent.  The emotionally loaded word “nagging” is used as the correct response in a sentence describing a parent’s call for the child to clean their room — nagging being the “right” word to elicit the correct feeling – guilt – in the parent.

Take a look for yourself at what one group of parents in Idaho discovered when they started reviewing some of the Common Core-inspired textbooks in English Language Arts at the first grade level.

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