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Common Core Advocates Slur Opposing Parents

Common Core Advocates Slur Opposing Parents

The month of May has been a busy, busy month for all those Wyoming educrats and progressives beginning to feel the heat of parental opposition to the Common Core education standards. In what appears as a coordinated effort, proponents of the deeply flawed national standards went out of their way to speak inaccurately of their opponents. Listed below is a few of their recent activities:

In a May 15 Memo to all Wyoming Public School Superintendents, Jim Rose, interim director of the Wyoming Department of Education, wrote: “I am writing to request your input and assistance in providing factual information to your constituents on issues such as the Common Core State Standards, the ESEA [Elementary and Secondary Education Act] Flexibility Waiver and other related initiatives.”

Wyoming Tribune Eagle Editor Reed Eckhardt published a two-part series (part 1, part 2) this month that blasted so-called “myths” being circulated regarding the Common core. The piece opined: “Opponents of the Common Core are circulating a number of myths about the standards. Whether they are doing so out of ignorance or because they are pushing an agenda, it matters not. The standards are too important to Wyoming’s young people to be derailed by ideological foolishness.”

In a two-day meeting of the Legislative Joint Select Committee on Education Accountability held earlier this month, Senator Phil Nicholas (R- Albany County) made a motion to write a letter stating the committee’s full support of the Common Core. “The Select Committee remains convinced that the Common Core Standards are more rigorous than the previously adopted Content and Performance Standards.”The motion passed. (Read the minutes here.)

 Rigor is an oft-used (perhaps overused) word by Common Core proponents. A quick definitions search comes up with something very fitting:

“Rigor: strictness, severity, or harshness, as in dealing with people.”

It seems certain educrats and progressives across the state will be rigorous in their attempts to mischaracterize earnest parents waging battle against the Common Core one-size-fits-all scheme. And they will be equally rigorous in avoiding a factual discussion about Common Core; rigidly sticking instead to the national Common Core “talking points” in parrot-like fashion.

Thankfully, though, harsh ad hominem attacks seldom win the day.

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Sunday, 24 September 2017
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