Colorado’s Medicaid Expansion Mistake Explained
February, 2016
Charles Katebi interviews Senator Kevin Lundberg, Republican of Colorado’s 49th District about to sell Medicaid Expansion and Colorado’s error.
Bicycle Licence Requirement Wiped Out
February 4, 2016
Boyd Wiggam and Glenn Woods talk about some good news  at Cheyenne City Hall. Fewer rather than more contradictory restrictions on your freedom.
 Medicaid Expansion Out – Capitol Overruns In the Wyoming Budget
January 28, 2016
Maureen Bader and Glenn Woods discuss who voted to keep Medicaid expansion in the Wyoming budget and the vote to bury Capitol Renovation cost overruns in another agency budget.
Could Medicaid Expansion Rise Again?
January 21, 2016
Maureen Bader and Glenn Woods discuss the good and the bad news from the JAC meeting yesterday. Although Medicaid expansion is out of the budget, someone could try to sneak it back in.
A Medicaid Expansion Mythbuster
January 14, 2016
Charlie Katebi and Glenn Woods discuss the many myths Governor Mead is touting to sell Medicaid Expansion and why other states are paying the price for believing them.
Protecting Your Property Rights from Trespass
January 7, 2016
Boyd Wiggam and Glenn Woods discuss environmental group’s efforts  to trespass on your land and other topics.
The Pitch for Medicaid Expansion
December 18, 2015
Charlie Katebi and Glenn Woods discuss the Health Department’s pitch to expand Medicaid and its less than fulsome explanation about how it will save money.
Federal Government Overreach in Education Extended
December 10, 2015
Amy Edmonds and Glenn Woods discuss the latest iteration of the federal government’s  failed education boondoggle, the ESSA.
The 2016 Wyoming Budget – Robbing Peter to Pay Paul
December 3, 2015
Maureen Bader and Glenn Woods discuss Governor Mead’s 2016 Wyoming budget and the twist on his call for a Rainy Day Fund Raid.
Governments Put Your Children’s Privacy at Risk
November 23, 2015
Amy Edmonds and Glenn Woods discuss the hazards facing your children’s privacy in government databases.
Medicaid Expansion Will Increase Cost of Uncompensated Care
November 19, 2015
Charlie Katebi and Glenn Woods talk about the myth forwarded by Medicaid Expansion cheerleaders that it would reduce the cost of uncompensated care.
Government has a Spending Problem, not a Revenue Problem
November 5, 2015
Maureen Bader and Glenn Woods discuss the ongoing talk by our political leaders about raiding the rainy day fund and diverting money from our legacy savings accounts to continue spending as though good times in the minerals industry continued as always.
WinHealth and its Lesson for Medicaid Expansion in Wyoming
October 29, 2015
Charlie Katebi and Glenn Woods talk about the WinHealth Bankruptcy and why Wyoming legislators were right to mistrust the federal government.
Strong Mayor vs. City Administrator – A Choice for Citizens in Cheyenne
October 20, 2015
WyLiberty’s Boyd Wiggam moderates a panel featuring Cheyenne Mayor Rick Kaysen and David Clark esq. in a debate on the pros and cons of the different forms of local government in a Liberty Forum in Cheyenne.
Budget Cutlets and the Rainy Day Fund Raid
October 15, 2015
Maureen Bader and Glenn Woods discuss Governor Mead’s non cuts to the Wyoming budget and why this points to a Rainy Day Fund raid.
Medicaid Expansion’s False Promise
October 8, 2015
Charlie Katebi and Glenn Woods talk about the false promise of Medicaid Expansion and why Wyoming legislators were right to reject it.
Funneling Public Money to Private Interests
October 1, 2015
Maureen Bader and Glenn Woods discuss the Wyoming’s State Loan and Investment Board’s rubber stamp of handouts to private interest and why that hurts the people of Wyoming.
Corporate Welfare’s White Elephants
September 24, 2015
Maureen Bader and Glenn Woods talk about Wyoming Business Council’sfunneling of public money for private benefit and in Gillette and other Wyoming communities.
School Choice – A Solution to Ed Spending Deficits
September 17, 2015
Amy Edmonds and Glenn Woods discuss the shortfall in Wyoming’s government school budgets and how parental choice can save money and create better education outcomes.
Analyzing the Rainy Day Fund – Yes, Size Matters
September 11, 2015
Maureen Bader and Glenn Woods discuss an analysis of Wyoming’s rainy day fund and the battle between the taxers and spenders in Wyoming’s legislature.
Direct Primary Care in Wyoming
August 27, 2015
Charlie Katebi and Glenn Woods talk about Charlie’s testimony on a program that could reduce healthcare costs in the state.
Cutting Waste – Corporate Welfare Survey Results
August 20, 2015
Maureen Bader and Glenn Woods discuss Governor Matt Mead’s latest call to raid the rainy day fund and one place to cut waste from the Wyoming budget. The governor must not bail out bad spending decisions with the legacy of the state.
Will Policing for Profit Continue in Wyoming?
August 13, 2015
Steve Klein talks to Glenn Woods in studio in Gillette, Wyoming about the latest on civil asset forfeiture legislation discussed during the Judiciary Committee meeting that day.
The Canadian Health Care Utopia Myth
July 30, 2015
Maureen Bader and Glenn Woods discuss the myths surrounding the Canadian Health care system used by Obamacare cheerleaders to create support for socialized health care in the U.S.
Strong Mayor or Appointed Administrator?
July 23, 2015
Boyd Wiggam and Glenn Woods discuss differences between elected mayors and appointed
city administrators
and the basic principle of electing government officials.
No Child Left Behind – An Update
July 16, 2015
Amy Edmonds speaks with Glenn Woods the latest updates in the federal No Child Left Behind legislation and what it means for Wyoming.
Capitol Reno Rides the Runaway Train
July 9, 2015
Maureen Bader speaks to Glenn Woods about the latest Capitol Renovation Oversight Committee meeting and how the project is on a collision course with fiscal disaster.
Free Speech Silenced at State Board of Education
July 2, 2015
Susan Gore speaks with Glenn Woods on about the stifling of free speech at meetings organized by Wyoming’s State Board of Education.
Neighbors Threaten the Property Rights of Other Neighbors
June 30, 2015
Boyd Wiggam and Susan Gore discuss how neighbors can threaten private property rights in a growing community.
King v. Burwell Fallout in Wyoming
June 29, 2015
Charlie Katebi and Susan Gore discuss the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision  to preserve Obamacare subsidies, mandates and tax increases, and what it means for  Wyoming.
ScotusCare Makes a Mockery of Rule of Law
June 25, 2015
Charlie Katebi and Glenn Woods from talk about the Supreme Court’s King v. Burwell decision to allow insurance subsidies on the Obamacare federal exchange and what it means for the rule of law in America.
Medicaid Expansion Promises Exploding Costs
June 18, 2015
Charlie Katebi and Glenn Woods talk about Medicaid Expansion’s exploding costs in neighboring states and how Washington cannot be trusted to keep its promise to fund this government program.
Smart Growth is Dumb Growth
June 4, 2015
Boyd Wiggam and Glenn Woods from talk about how home-grown Smart Growth policies threaten property rights and economic opportunity in Wyoming communities.
The Failure of State Health Exchanges
May 27, 2015
Charlie Katebi and Glenn Woods talk about how state exchanges are failing and states with federal exchanges should think twice about setting one up.
A Capitol Propaganda Program
May 14, 2015
Maureen Bader and Glenn Woods from discuss the Capitol Renovation Plan and how it will need more than spin to succeed.
The Curious Case of Free Speech in Education
May 7, 2015
Amy Edmonds speaks with Glenn Woods about the call for free speech suppression in Cody, Wyoming.
Minerals to Value Added Scam in Wyoming
April 30, 2015
Maureen Bader and Glenn Woods from expose the government’s latest plan to waste hard-earned tax dollars, a plan that forces taxpayers to invest in projects companies in the private sector are fleeing as fast as they can.
Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform – An Update
April 23, 2015
Steve Klein joined Glenn Woods on Bold Republic radio to discuss developments in civil asset forfeiture reform after last week’s meeting of the Joint Judiciary Committee.
The Coal Alchemy Boondoggle
April 16, 2015
Maureen Bader and Glenn Woods from talk about government’s love of coal-to-liquids and other corporate welfare schemes.
Educating the Whole Child – A New Direction in Education Policy
April 9, 2015
Amy Edmonds speaks with Glenn Woods live from Washington, DC a new education project at WyLiberty and what changes in the future could mean for education in the state.
Government Spending Death Spiral
April 2, 2015
Maureen Bader and Glenn Woods from talk about how so-called ‘other’ spending means Wyoming’s budget is not as rosy as might first appear.
Obamacare and King v Burwell
March 26, 2015
WyLiberty’s Charlie Katebi speaks with Glenn Woods about what could happen should King v Burwell succeed. It is time to return health insurance to the indemnity market.
Setbacks and Property Rights
March 19, 2015
Boyd Wiggam and Glenn Woods from talk about the Wyoming Oil and Gas Conservation Commission’s well setback rule and its potential to undermine private property rights.
Federal Education Policy and the Downsides of No Child Left Behind
March 12, 2015
Amy Edmonds speaks with Glenn Woods live from Washington, DC where she and a group of concerned mothers met with Senators Enzi and Barrasso and Representative Lummis about upcoming federal education legislation in dire need of more parental input.
Wins for Freedom and Fiscal Restraint
March 5, 2015
Maureen Bader and Glenn Woods from talk about the Food Freedom Act, Right to Try and the attempted rainy day fund raid. Wyoming had a reasonably good legislative session.
Repeal Gun Free Zones Act Gutted
February 26, 2015
Charles Curley and Glenn Woods discuss the Senate Education Committee hearing on HB 114, the Wyoming Repeal Gun Free Zones Act. Senator Coe brought an amendment expanding the bill from three pages to 14, gutting the intent of HB 114.
Medicaid Expansion, Budget and More
February 19, 2015
Amy Edmonds and Glenn Woods from discuss  the latest happenings at the Wyoming Legislature including medicaid expansion, budget deficits and all things education.
Will Wyoming Override Mead’s Veto of Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform
February 18, 2015
Steve Klein discusses Wyliberty’s lobbying efforts to override Gov. Mead’s veto of civil asset forfeiture reform.
Legislation and its Impact on Private Property Rights
February 12, 2015
Boyd Wiggam and Glenn Woods from discuss  Building Code Regulation, landowner liability and property tax grab bills in the 2015 Wyoming Supplemental Budget session.
Wyoming Says No to Medicaid Expansion
February 6, 2015WyLiberty’s Amy Edmonds discusses how the Wyoming Legislature dealt the death blow to Medicaid Expansion in Wyoming for this year.
Ending Civil Asset Forfeiture in Wyoming
February 5, 2015Steve Klein and Glenn Woods from discuss  a bill running through Wyoming’s senate that would end policing for profit in the state.
Why Wy Medicaid Expansion will Fail
February 3, 2015In this eleven-minute interview with John Birbari on Wind River Radio’s Morning Buzz, Dr. Mansell expresses his concern that expanding Medicaid in Wyoming might hamper our ability to help the truly needy. Dr. Mansell’s comments are based on his “twenty-seven years in the trenches” of caring for patients. The Wyoming Legislature is now debating the issue of whether to expand Medicaid benefits from its current 83,000 Wyomingites who are below 100% of the federal poverty level to an estimated 17,800 single able-bodied enrollees ages 18 to 64 at 100% to 138% of the poverty level. Dr. Mansell gives us an insider’s view of the consequences of low reimbursement rates, cost shifting that drives up costs to those not on Medicaid, the effect of putting more people on government-paid care, the mandate problem, the greater efficiency of free markets, the abuse of co-pays and free care, and the phenomenon of crossing state lines for benefits.
Falling off the Fiscal Cliff – Wyoming’s Budget in Review
January 22, 2015Maureen Bader and Glenn Woods from discuss the new fiscal forecast and Gov. Mead’s attempt to continue spending more as the budget deficit explodes.
2105 Wyoming State of the State – A Different View
January 15, 2015Maureen Bader and Glenn Woods from discuss Governor Mead’s State of the State address and his newfound ability to find funds for his spending spree. Maureen and Glenn also discuss the myths behind Medicaid expansion.
Education and the 2015 Wyoming Legislative Session – A Preview
January 8, 2015Amy Edmonds and Glenn Woods from discuss the Common Core, the Constitutional Amendment to remove the State Superintendent of Public Education and other issues relevant to the upcoming 2015 legislative session.
Civil Asset Forfeiture – An Opportunity for Reform
December 18, 2014Steve Klein and Glenn Woods from discuss civil asset forfeiture in Wyoming and Senate File 14 (2015), which would reform Wyoming law to only allow for forfeiture of property after owners are convicted of a crime.
The $18 Trillion Debt in Perspective
December 10, 2014Jason Gay and Glenn Woods from discuss the federal debt and whether the U.S. can continue to spend nearly $4 trillion annually without the debt finally crushing the economy.
Lack of Privacy Protection in Education SystemDecember 4, 2014Amy Edmonds and Glenn Woods from discuss protecting children’s privacy and parental concerns regarding the lack of protection, discussed the at the Joint Education Committee meeting in November.
Internet Retail Sales Tax Dead – For NowNovember 20, 2014Maureen Bader and Glenn Woods from talk about  House Speaker John Boehner’s blocking of the senate’s Marketplace Fairness Act. Instead of dragging innovative sellers into the tax morass killing Main Street reduce taxes and regulations on Main Street sellers.
Tax Funded Tourism Promotion is Corporate WelfareNovember 13, 2014Maureen Bader and Glenn Woods from discuss Wyoming’s department of Tourism’s self promotion and the misuse of data to create a false impression. Travel data includes all travel, not just leisure travel.
Repeal the Common Core – Not Easily DoneNovember 6, 2014Amy Edmonds speaks with Glenn Woods on about  about Common Core rebranding and how school districts may still teach Common Core whether you want it or not.
Tools for Pension ReformOctober 6, 2014Reason Foundation’s Lance Christensen gives an overview of how to successfully reform Wyoming’s state pension plan.
FEC Moves to Invade Free Speech RightsOctober 30, 2014Steve Klein speaks with Glenn Woods on about  Internet regulation and the likely and negative outcome for free speech as the Federal Election Commission tries to expand its jurisdiction to online speech.
Say No to the Optional Sales TaxOctober 23, 2014Maureen Bader and Glenn Woods from discuss falling sales tax revenue why people should reconsider paying more sales tax. Let’s face it, you can make better spending decisions with your money than government can.
Pension Basics & Steps to ReformOctober 6, 2014Reason Foundation Vice Present Adrian Moore discusses  how to navigate in the pension reform sea and lessons learned during the reform process in other states.
Health Care in Wyoming and Your LegislatorsOctober 16, 2014Lorraine Quarberg and Glenn Woods from discuss Gov. Mead’s position on Medicaid expansion, and what to do if you are unhappy about what your state government is doing.
How to Destroy a Pension Plan – Fireman Plan AOctober 6, 2014Wyoming Representative Donald Burkhart discusses reforms to Fireman Pension A and how those reforms led to the underfunding it experiences today.
Pension Reform – Time for a Reality CheckOctober 9, 2014Maureen Bader and Glenn Woods from discuss the confusion surrounding pension reform, the protest outside the WyLiberty office and how people use retirees to advance their own political agenda. We must not leave pensioners waiting for pension checks that never arrive.
The Pension Crisis – Lessons from UtahOctober 6, 2014Former Utah state senator Dan Liljenquist discusses how he reformed Utah’s state pension plan to ensure pensioners would have a pension without hiking taxes or cutting services to future generations.
Parents Denied Right to Opt Children Out of TestingOctober 2, 2014Amy Edmonds and Glenn Woods from talk about the Wyoming Attorney General’s decision to prevent parents from opting their children out of high stakes testing. If you were wondering who was being served by the government school system, wonder no longer.
Michelle Malkin Speaks out against the Common Core, in WyomingSeptember 25, 2014Michelle Malkin talks about her battle against the federal takeover  of her children’s education and what we can do to prevent the fed takeover here in Wyoming.
Attacks don’t Change Pension Reform FactsSeptember 25, 2014Maureen Bader speaks with Glenn Woods about the virulent opposition to pension reform and how ad hominem attacks don’t change the facts with Glenn Woods on Without reform, state pensions will leave a legacy of debt and higher taxes to our children and grandchildren.
Opposition to Unconstitutional Changes to State Hiring PracticesSeptember 23, 2014Steve Klein speaks with Glenn Woods on about  two proposed changes to the State of Wyoming Personnel Rules. Steve says their provisions are vague and overbroad, and threaten the free speech and association of applicants for state employment.
Michelle Malkin Slams the Common CoreSeptember 18, 2014Michelle Malking talks about her battle against the federal education leviathan with Glenn Woods on and her upcoming event in Cheyenne, Wy.
Telecom Act – A Covert Social Program?September 10, 2014Jason Gay speaks with and Glenn Woods, from, about the potential sunset of Wyoming’s Telecommunication Act  and why legislators must not bog the industry down with more subsidies.
Laramie Amends Unconstitutional Sign LawSeptember 4, 2014Boyd Wiggam and Glenn Woods from talk about the City of Laramie’s unconstitutional sign law and how and why unconstitutional time limits were stripped out.
Will Wyoming Legislators Reform Pensions Before it is too Late?August 28, 2014Maureen Bader and Glenn Woods, from, discuss some of the tweaks to  Wyoming’s state pension plans and why legislators must do more before disaster strikes.
Institutionalized Daycare Coming Soon to Wyoming?August 21, 2014Amy Edmonds and Glenn Woods from talk about forcing children into government-run daycare. This federal initiative goes against the desires of most parents who, given the choice, would prefer to take care of their own children.
Corporate Welfare and Fuel Poverty in WyomingAugust 14, 2014Maureen Bader and Glenn Woods, from, talk about the cost of corporate welfare and the latest government handout favorite, data centers. The increase in electricity demand could send rates skyward, leaving families suffering from fuel poverty.
A Government-Created Housing ShortageJuly 31, 2014Boyd Wiggam and Glenn Woods from talk about how government and its property rights violations lead to the shortage of rental accommodation in cities in Wyoming.
End Policing for ProfitJuly 24, 2014Steve Klein spoke with Glenn Woods on about WyLiberty’s two most recent free speech lawsuits and his testimony before the Joint Judiciary Interim Committee and two draft bills that would end the possibility of policing for profit in Wyoming.
Stopping Indoctrination in Wyoming SchoolsJuly 10, 2014Amy Edmonds talked to Glenn Woods about recent action by the State Board of Education to stop advancing the Next Generation Science Standards. This was a victory for Wyoming parents who want to keep junk standards out of Wyoming schools.
Objectivism and Making the Moral Case for Free Market CapitalismJuly 3, 2014Maureen Bader speaks with Glenn Woods, live from Las Vegas about  Objectivism, the theory of Ayn Rand,  and its relevance today.
Common Core ShowdownJune 19, 2014Amy Edmonds and Glenn Woods discuss how governors in other states have rejected the Common Core standards and why we must do the same here in Wyoming.
Time for Campaign Finance FreedomJune 12, 2014Steve Klein talks to Glenn Woods on about  changes to Wyoming’s campaign finance and ballot laws.
Data Centers, Corporate Welfare and YouJune 5, 2014Maureen Bader and Glenn Woods discuss the new Microsoft data center  the cost of the bribes paid to it by taxpayers and how to stop the death spiral.
Federal Ed Standards – Failing to Make the GradeMay 29, 2014Amy Edmonds and Glenn Woods discuss the latest federal standards intrusion in Wyoming and why doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result is just crazy.
How to Reel in Spending at the Game and Fish DepartmentMay 22, 2014Maureen Bader and Glenn Woods discuss why Wyoming’s Game and Fish department  is spinning out of control and how to reel in its out-of-control growth.
Reclaiming State Land from the Federal GovernmentMay 15, 2014Charles Curley talks to Glenn Woods about the American Lands Council and the state’s attempt to get land back from the federal government.
Government Trash Collection – Time for a ChangeMay 8, 2014Boyd Wiggam talks trash with Glenn Woods and why it is time to privatize trash collection. Government’s  one-size-fits-all solution fails to solve a problem and limits individual freedom.
Escape Valve from Government Schools Needed Now More than EverMay 1, 2014Amy Edmonds talks to Glenn Woods about why Wyoming parents need options to exit the public school system and why the federal takeover of education makes choice urgent for Wyoming’s parents.
Drone Regulation in WyomingApril 24, 2014Steve Klein spoke with Glenn Woods on Bold Republic radio about recent developments in state laws that regulate drones and what to expect in next month’s Judiciary Committee meeting.
Green Indoctrination in Wyoming Schools Stopped – For NowApril 17, 2014Maureen Bader talks to Glenn Woods about the defunding of the Next Generation Science Standards and the left’s litany of lies to drive home its agenda.
Corporate Welfare in Wyoming — The Zombie of Amendment 4 RisesApril 10, 2014Maureen Bader explains how corporate welfare has wasted millions of taxpayer dollars in the past, and with recent events at the legislature, no doubt will do so again soon.
The State of Education in WyomingApril 1, 2014Amy Edmonds present her findings on the progress of education legislation and what we must do to achieve local control.
Cale Case on Tax Policy and Corporate WelfareApril 3, 2014Cale Case discusses how the legislature uses your tax dollars to provide handouts to businesses.
Senator Cale Case and What You Should Know About  TelecommunicationsApril 1, 2014Senator Cale Case discusses the  telecommunications and public utility issues of concern to all citizens of Wyoming.
EPA Overreach and What to Do About ItMarch 27, 2014Steve Klein discusses the Environmental Protection Agency’s thuggery against Wyoming citizen Andy Johnson, with Glenn Woods on
Hunting for Handouts – the Game and Fish DepartmentMarch 29, 2014Maureen Bader talks to Glenn Woods about the  the Game and Fish department’s hunt for funds and the strange case of non-consumptive consumption. Let them eat cake!
The Future of Wyoming SchoolsMarch 13, 2014Amy Edmonds discusses how events during Wyoming’s 2014 budget session will effect the state of education in Wyoming with Glenn Woods on
Wyoming’s 2014 Budget Session – An AnalysisMarch 11, 2014Regina Meena, Steve Klein and Maureen Bader provide their take on Wyoming’s 2014 Budget Session. It’s not all bad news.
The SF104 FalloutMarch 6, 2014Steve Klein discusses fallout from Cindy Hills successful lawsuit against the State of Wyoming with Glenn Woods on
Gaming the Taxpayer – The Wyoming Budget BlowoutFebruary 27, 2014Maureen Bader talks to Glenn Woods about the  the attack on taxpayer’s pockets during Wyoming’s 2015-16 Budget Session.
Education and the Common CoreFebruary 20, 2014Amy Edmonds discussed what’s happening at the legislature with the bills designed to slow down the federal government takeover of your child’s education with Glenn Woods on Bold Republic radio.
Wyoming’s 2015-16 Budget Session – Week One ReviewFebruary 13, 2014Steve Klein speaks with Glenn Woods about the  shenanigans at the legislature during week one of Wyoming’s 2015-16 Budget Session.
Just What IS Wyoming’s State of the StateFebruary 6, 2014Maureen Bader gives a preview of what to expect in Wyoming Governor Mead’s State of the State speech next week, with Glenn Woods. Funding long-term spending obligations with short-term revenue is a recipe for higher taxes in the future.
Protecting Property Rights from Civil Asset ForfeitureFebruary 4, 2014Rep. Kendell Kroeker, Linda Burt of the ACLU, and Steve Klein discuss civil asset forfeiture and potential reforms for the 2014 Budget Session
Fuel Tax Increase goes to Groom Snowmobile TrailsJanuary 30, 2014Maureen Bader explains how not all the gas tax increase will go to roads, with Glenn Woods. Seems some of the increase will go to snowmobile trails. Huh?
The SF104 Decision – What does it mean for WyomingJanuary 28, 2014Steve Klein speaks with Glenn Woods  about the Wyoming Supreme Court decision in the SF104 case.
Unconstitutional Sign Law Story on KGWN-TVJanuary 24, 2014The story about WyLiberty’s sign suit appeared on KGWN-TV. The only correct amendment is the First Amendment.
What You Need to Know About the Common CoreJanuary 23, 2014Amy Edmonds talks to Glenn Woods about what we haven’t been told about the Common Core.
WyLiberty Sues Cheyenne for Unconstitutional Sign LawJanuary 9, 2014Boyd Wiggam speaks with Glenn Woods about WyLiberty’s lawsuit against Cheyenne. Councilors must not disregard the Constitution just because they don’t like it.
WyLiberty Attorneys Sue City of CheyenneJanuary 11, 2014Steve Klein explains how the City of Cheyenne is violating the First Amendment with its unconstitutional sign law.
The Economic Freedom ToolkitJanuary 7, 2014Sven Larson provides Liberty Forum attendees with his economic freedom toolkit, a common sense guide on how to permanently reduce the size of government.
Education Accountability in WyomingJanuary 2, 2014Amy Edmonds talks with Glenn Woods about education accountability and what to expect in Wyoming’s upcoming legislative session.
Freedom to AchieveDecember 19, 2013Susan Gore discusses the importance of freedom of choice as the key to achievement with Glenn Woods on Bold Republic radio.
Wyoming Laws Threaten Private Property RightsDecember 12, 2013Steve Klein talks with Glenn Woods about how Wyoming laws can be abused. The war on drugs is a touchy subject, but state law must not provide police with loopholes through constitutional protections of due process and property rights.
New IRS Rules as Bad as the Old IRS RulesDecember 5, 2013Steve Klein speaks with Glenn Woods about about the IRS scandal regarding Tea Party and grassroots conservative groups and the delays to their tax exempt status. The new regulations will also mess with the grassroots.
Obamacare is Unfixable – What’s Next?December 3, 2013During WyLiberty’s December Liberty Forum, Regina Meena discussed the shockwaves yet to come, how you and your family get the healthcare that you need and why defunding Obamacare may be our only option.
UWyo’s Secret Hiring Process BackfiresNovember 21, 2013Steve Klein speaks with Glenn Woods about the resignation of UWyo President Sternberg and the need for hiring transparency on Bold Republic Radio.
Common Core Science Standards DelayedNovember 21, 2013Amy Edmonds explains how parents  made a small win by delaying Common Core science standards with Glenn Woods on Bold Republic.
State Data Leviathan to Consume Children’s InformationNovember 14, 2013Maureen Bader explains the problems with Wyoming’s State Longitudinal Data System with Glenn Woods  on Bold Republic Radio. It opens the door to privacy violations.
Cheyenne’s Arbitrary City CouncilNovember 14, 2013Boyd Wiggam speaks with Glenn Woods about the questionable decisions and odd logic during a city council meeting. Since when are rules just pieces of paper?
Obamacare Implosion – What’s Next for Wyoming?November 7, 2013Regina Meena discusses the Obamacare Implosion and what’s next for Wyoming. with Glenn Woods  on Bold Republic Radio. Hint: it isn’t good.
Communicating with Legislators – Citizen LobbyingNovember 5, 2013Representatives Lynn Hutchings and John Eklund joined Wyliberty’s Steve Klein at our monthly Liberty Forum. They discuss strategies for effective communication with your legislator.
Russell Kirk’s 10 Conservative PrinciplesNovember 1, 2013Bruce Edward Walker discusses Russell Kirk’s 10 Conservative Principles with Glenn Woods  on Bold Republic Radio.
Committee Healthcare Bills Would Limit Patient Access and ChoiceOctober 24, 2013Maureen Bader talks about two draft bills that if passed, would limit access to healthcare and patient choice, on the Glenn Woods show. They would close the door to new physician-owned hospitals in the state.
Affordable Care Act – Isn’tOctober 17, 2013Steve Klein explains why “young invincibles” are getting a bad deal with Obamacare, to Glenn Woods  on Bold Republic Radio.
Government Expands Tentacles into Telecom and InternetOctober 17, 2013Jason Gay discusses the Federal Communications Commission’s attempt to define the Internet as a basic need and why this must be stopped, with Glenn Woods. More government means less choice and more expensive service for consumers, and higher taxes to pay for it all.
Protection of Property Rights Needs Citizen InvolvementOctober 10, 2013Boyd Wiggam talks to Glenn Woods about the zoning process and the need for citizen’s to make their voices heard at City Council meetings.
State Data Leviathan Bad News for Children’s PrivacyOctober 10, 2013Maureen Bader talks to Glenn Woods about Wyoming’s plan to build a monster database with children’s information. This will likely be an expensive failure.
State Board of Education needs to Listen to the PeopleOctober 9, 2013Susan Gore and Amy Edmonds talk to KGWN’s Bob Geha about the Common Core Standards and the State Board of Education shutting people’s voices out of the discussion.
Citizens Speak Out Against the Common CoreOctober 8, 2013Citizens, denied the opportunity to speak before Wyoming’s State Board of Education, make their voices heard.
2013 Liberty IndexOctober 1, 2013Charles Curley presents the results from the 2013 liberty Index. Did your legislator vote for liberty? You can now find out.
Rotton to the CoreSeptember 3, 2013Amy Edmonds separates facts from fiction regarding the Common Core. Find out what you can do to stop the Common Core in Wyoming.
KCWY13 Report on the Common CoreAugust 21, 2013Lydia Defranchi of KCWY13 in Casper reports on WyLiberty’s Common Core event and the controversy surrounding its implementation in Wyoming.
Amy Edmonds and the Common CoreAugust 19, 2013Amy Edmonds discusses the problems with the Common Core in this short KGWN interview.
Charles Curley Key Liberty Votes 2013.May 7, 2013Charles Curley discusses the results from the 2013 Key Liberty Votes report. a set of legislator’s votes on bills relating to individual freedom and responsibility.Click here for the report.
“This Assembly Believes the Current System of Campaign Finance Is Broken”April 18, 2013Ben Barr joins Dave Mason, former commissioner of the Federal Election Commission, to debate against Marc Elias, former general counsel to the Kerry-Edwards 2004 Presidential Campaign, and Bob Edgar, President and CEO of Common Cause. The debate was hosted by the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs at Syracuse University and held at the Naval Heritage Center in Washington, DC.
State Budget Review 2013April 2, 2013Click here to download the slides used for this presentation. (Click to view or right click and “save target as” to your computer.)
Taxation without Representation? March 21, 2013Maureen Bader talks with Glenn Woods about how the  the right to vote was taken away from people who now may be forced to pay higher taxes. Liberty Forum
Susan Gore Susan Gore and the Founding of WyLiberty.March 14, 2013Susan Gore talks with Glenn Woods about liberty in Wyoming and how the Wyoming Liberty Group makes a difference in the state.
Liberty Lost or GainedMarch 5, 2013Wyoming Liberty Group staff provides an overview of the Wyoming Legislative session featuring liberty enhancing and liberty destroying bills. Liberty Forum
Amy Edmonds Amy Edmonds discusses the government’s spending increases.February 28, 2013Amy Edmonds talks with Glenn Woods about the government’s seeming inability to rein in spending and other wins and losses from the 2013 Wyoming Legislative Session.
Health Care Reform Misconceptions UnpluggedFebruary 21, 2013Regina Meena clears up misconceptions about health care reform on Glenn Woods Bold Republic Radio show. Regina Meeena
Maureen Bader Maureen on Glenn Woods Talking Fuel and Lottery TaxFebruary 14, 2013Maureen Bader discusses the problem with higher fuel taxes and the transparency problems a Wyoming Lottery Corporation would bring.
Game and Fish Strikes out on FourFebruary 14, 2013Calvin Thompson outlines the effort of the Game and Fish Department to raise license fees. Calvin Thompson
Ben Barr Free Speech Rights and YouFebruary 7, 2013Benjamin Barr discusses the importance of our right to freedom of speech in our everyday lives.
Sovereignty Starts with YouFebruary 7, 2013Benjamin Barr talks about the importance of civil society. BB
Maureen Bader Budget Cut Confusion ExplainedFebruary 5, 2013Maureen Bader talks with Glenn Woods about bogus budget cuts.
Regina Meena talks Health Bills with Glenn WoodsFebruary 5, 2013Regina Meena explains that the insurance sales bill (HB82) won’t create the low cost insurance plans Wyoming needs, with Glenn Woods on Bold Republic Radio. Regina Meena
Maureen Bader Budget Cut Confusion Camouflages CharadeFebruary 5, 2013Maureen Bader sweeps away the budget cut smokescreen. When governments talk about budget cuts, there is much less than meets the eye.Download a copy of the slide presentation here
Steve Klein talks Gun Bills with Glenn WoodsJanuary 31, 2013Steve Klein talks about the gun bills making their way through the legislature with Glenn Woods on Bold Republic Radio. Steve Klein
Steve Klein Legislative Update – HB 182January 25, 2013In this week’s Legislative Update, Steve Klein explains the benefit of HB 182. It would prevent the federal government from closing rights of way on federal land in Wyoming.
Steve Klein talks Smart Growth with Glenn WoodsJanuary 24, 2013Steve Klein talks about regaining the right of way with Glenn Woods on Bold Republic Radio. Steve Klein
Calvin Thompson Government Transparency Website Out-of-OrderJanuary 24, 2013As journalist Calvin Thompson explains government sometimes just doesn’t want to hear from you.
Fuel Tax Bill Progresses in the Wrong DirectionJanuary 17, 2013Maureen Bader talks to Glenn Woods on Bold Radio about the fuel tax bill and how families will pay more at the pump. Maureen Bader
Regina Meena talks health care Regina Meena Talks Health Care with Glenn WoodsJanuary 17, 2013Regina Meena talks to Glenn Woods on Bold Radio about health care at the legislature and which reforms meet the needs of Wyoming citizens.
Game and Fish Salary Hikes Out of LineJanuary 15, 2013Journalist Calvin Thompson explains that while government salaries at the Game and Fish Department rose by 35 percent average salaries rose by only 11 percent. Calvin Thompson
How to contact legislator How to Contact Your LegislatorJanuary 10, 2013Amy Edmonds and Charles Curley provide a brief overview of how to contact your legislator.
State of the State and Spending Cut RecommendationJanuary 10, 2013Economist Sven Larson provides a short analysis of Governor Mead’s recent speech and explains how government can bring spending into line. Sven Larson
Fuel tax hurts Wyoming families Cut Spending Wish List Instead of Hiking the Gas TaxJanuary 10, 2013Maureen Bader talks about how the governor seems to have plenty of money, just not for roads.
Compulsory School Attendance Not the SolutionJanuary 10, 2013Amy Edmonds explains bill SF96 wont fix the drop out problem but it will make children the property of the school district. Compulsory Attendance wrong
Steve Klein Management Council Restricts Press because of Evil EyeJanuary 10, 2013On Glenn Woods radio program, Steve Klein says Wyoming’s Management Council has forgotten the Code of the West.
Gas Tax Grab UnpopularJanuary 7, 2013Maureen Bader explains that no matter how many special interest groups line up in favor of a fuel tax hike, it will still hurt Wyoming families. Fuel tax hurts Wyoming families
Steve Klein Free Speech Attorneys File Appellate BriefJanuary 4, 2013Steve Klein says on KGWN-TV Channel Five what is at stake in the Free Speech case.
Mainstream Media Fuels Spending FallaciesJanuary 7, 2013Maureen Bader explains that a lottery in Wyoming may feed dreams but it won’t feed the government’s spending addiction. Lottery to fuel gov spending addiction
Amy-Charles Citizens EmpoweredJanuary 2, 2013Amy Edmonds and Charles Curley explain the mechanics of the legislative process to help citizens have an effective voice in the legislature.
Educational AccountabilityDecember 28, 2012Any Edmonds explains how Wyoming schools could be “the best of the best” if we empower parents to take control of their children’s educational decisions. Amy Edmonds on Educational Reform
Maureen Bader Lotto No Windfall for RoadsDecember 27 2012Maureen Bader talks to Jenna Browder about why lotteries won’t fix Wyoming roads.
Health Care Reform – The Next StepsDecember 5, 2012Regina Meena explains the next steps in the health care reform battle. We must ensure legislators follow the wishes of the people. Regina Health Care Reform
Tanner-Obamacare The Dangers of ObamacareSeptember 12, 2012Michael Tanner in Wyoming to discuss why Obamacare is bad medicine for you, your family and the country.
Taxmageddon – Whither Wyoming?November 7, 2012There is a hailstorm of higher taxes heading for Wyoming and what is the state government thinking about doing?  Hiking the gas tax! As Sven Larson and Amy Edmonds explain, this is very bad news for the Wyoming economy. SK-BH
SK-BH The Gas Tax Grab will Bust the Budget of Wyoming FamiliesSeptember 25, 2012Higher gas taxes are a direct attack on the Wyoming family. Maureen Bader explains - not only will gas cost more but everything else we buy will as well.
The Dangers of Obamacare with Michael TannerSeptember 12, 2012The US health care system is one of the best in the world. Sure, we have problems, but Obamacare will make those problems even worse. . SK-BH
SK-BH Austerity and How to Avoid ItJuly 11, 2012What is the difference between Greece and the federal budget deficit? Sven Larson explains.
Occupational Licensing Inhibits Entrepreneurship in the StateJune 6, 2012Occupational licensing in Wyoming raises costs to consumers but even worse, undermines entrepreneurial opportunities. SK-BH
 SK-BH Zoning your Property Rights AwayApril 3, 2012Local governments are violating your property rights. In fact, A soon-to-be-passed zoning rule in Cheyenne means land use that was legal may become illegal.  Find out what you can do to protect your rights.
Two Visions for the Future of AmericaMarch 30, 2012The Obamacare battle is important for the future of America, but so is the federal budget battle. Sven Larson describes two visions, one sees the free market reform of entitlement programs, the other is business as usual.  

Obamacare at the Supreme Court

March 30, 2012

This week the United States Supreme Court heard three days of oral arguments on the constitutionality of Obamacare.  Steve Klein gives a brief summary of all three days.

See our blog for more information on Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3 (Part 1 and Part 2) of the arguments.

Wyoming 2012 Budget Session UpdatesUpdate 4 (March 9, 2012):Our panel gives and update on the budget bill and some of the wins for liberty hailed and losses for liberty lamented by your Wyoming Liberty Group. But neither success nor failure marks the end of our efforts because government is like a fungus — it just grows and grows. This means it’s now time to work on innovative solutions to the problem of expanding government.Update 3 (February 29, 2012):Sven Larson describes the problem with local dependence on state government in the Wyoming budget, and the solution.Update 2 (February 24, 2012):The legislature is debating a number of bills. Some will increase health care freedom, and others will infringe on our freedoms. Attorney Steve Klein explains.Update 1 (February 9, 2012):Health care is on the mind of every Wyoming citizen, yet the governor in his state-of-the-state speech, barely mentioned it. Regina Meena describes what the governor should be talking about. Update 4Update 3Update 2Update 1
Battling the Octopus: A Lesson in Fiscal RestraintFebruary 7, 2012 – Wyoming Liberty Group Office (Cheyenne, Wyoming)Just before Wyoming legislators meet to spend an estimated $6.5 billion of your money in the 2012 Wyoming Budget Session, Economist Sven Larson holds government accountable by keeping score.
Opportunities in the Face of UncertaintyJanuary 3, 2012 – Wyoming Liberty Group Office (Cheyenne, Wyoming)The 2012 legislative session is a budget session, the health care system is on life support and the state’s economy is at a tipping point.WyLiberty policy staff Sven Larson, Regina Meena and Steve Klein highlight these issues and let you know how to take a stand against the creeping socialism infecting the vitality of the State of Wyoming.
Citizens’ Guide to Health Care Reform in WyomingNovember 1, 2011 – Wyoming Liberty Group Office (Cheyenne, Wyoming)Everyone agrees health care reform is long overdue. While people around the state say they want health care freedom and affordable insurance, the Wyoming Legislature seems to be moving in the opposite direction — toward expansion of government-run health care programs.Policy expert Regina Meena explains what Wyoming needs to do to preserve freedom of choice and prevent socialized health care in Wyoming.
Freedom or Fiscal Shackles?October 4, 2011 – Wyoming Liberty Group Office (Cheyenne, Wyoming)The budget crisis in Washington, DC may seem far away, but it is about to have a major impact on the Wyoming state budget. Each year Wyoming gets $2.2 billion from the federal government. As the Congressional debt crisis super-committee goes to work, we can expect significant cuts in these funds. This could force drastic changes to the benefits that Wyoming families get from the state. It could also be a good opportunity for the state to take control over its budget.WyLiberty research fellow Sven R Larson, Ph.D., discusses the potential effects of major cuts to federal funds in Wyoming.

Key Liberty Votes 2011August 2, 2011 – Wyoming Liberty Group Office (Cheyenne, Wyoming)Wyoming Liberty Group staff discussed this year’s bills from our annual Key Liberty Votes publication.Regina Meena on Wyoming’s Healthy Frontiers Pilot ProjectJP Eichmiller on Government TransparencySteve Klein on the Health Care Freedom Amendment and the Obamacare LitigationCharles Curley on Carrying Concealed FirearmsSven Larson on the Public Option and Corporate Welfare
The End of Democracy or the Dawn of Free Speech? A Debate on Citizens United v. FECJanuary 10, 2011 – University of Wyoming College of Law (Laramie, Wyoming)Wyoming Liberty Group’s amicus brief was cited favorably by the U.S. Supreme Court in its decision in Citizens United. However, the Wyoming Legislature did not amend state law to follow the ruling until the 2011 Legislative Session. In this debate just before the session, Ben Barr debated Sarah Gorin and Dean Neal of the Equality State Policy Center on the merits of the Citizens United decision.Click here to view part 1 of the debate Click here to view part 2 of the debate
The Implications of Post-Election Federal Tax and Fiscal Policy for WyomingNovember 11, 2010 – The Plains Hotel (Cheyenne, Wyoming)Cato Institute Senior Fellow Dan Mitchell visited Wyoming for a Liberty Group luncheon to discuss federal tax and fiscal policy following the 2010 election cycle.Click here to view Dan Mitchell’s talk
Commonsense SovereigntyJune 19, 2010 – Best Western Ramkota (Casper, Wyoming)Wyoming Liberty Group’s first signature event featured long-term legal strategies from attorney Ben Barr and Sven Larson’s straightforward analysis of the coming welfare state in the wake of Obamacare.
Click here to view Sven Larson’s talk “Dehumanized Citizen: Your Ultimate Price Tag for the Welfare State”
Click here to view Ben Barr’s talk “Save Our Sovereignty: Winning Strategies”
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