Some cliches are worth repeating: a picture speaks a thousand words. We periodically release comics to make our points, and they have appeared in various Wyoming newspapers. Feel free to use these comics, but we ask that you give us credit if you do so. (Click on any picture for a high-resolution version.)

In December 2011, Wyoming Governor Matt Mead called on state agencies to cut their budgets by between five and eight percent. An eight percent budget cut would have amounted to $75 million, and this news created quite a bit of stir in some quarters, and quite a bit of confusion in others.

While some asked: how will people survive such draconian cuts; others asked: how could a government, with a biennium budget of approximately $8 billion, cut its budget by eight percent and arrive at a $75 million reduction in spending? There is much less here than meets the eye!


Government spending has doubled over the past 10 years and now, the tax revenue that fueled the spending party is dropping off. Meanwhile, special interest groups want the spending party to carry on and taxpayers to continue paying for it.

It’s time for citizens to fight back by learning how to interact with legislators to ensure their voices are heard in the legislature. Citizen vigilance will shine a light on what’s up at the legislature.

A cabal of special interest groups seems to have convinced Wyoming’s governor and more than a few legislators that families need to pay more in gasoline taxes. But with the possibility of a Taxmageddon hitting already overburdened families in January, the last thing the legislature should be doing is hiking fuel taxes.  

True, Wyoming needs a long-term source of funding for roads, but if politicians really believe road construction and maintenance is part of the fundamental role of government, and they have doubled spending over the past 10 years, and they still don’t have enough money for roads, perhaps the problem is systemic and more money won’t fix it.

The government is crying in its cups about a lack of money. However, according to the Heritage Foundation, Taxmageddon means Wyoming taxpayers would face an $836.5 million tax increase. This includes: $288 million in Bush-era tax rates: $216 million because of expiring payroll tax cuts: and $332.5 million in new Obamacare taxes. Imagine if the government decides to also hike the sales tax, the gas tax, and hey, why not an income tax?  The government has a spending problem, not a revenue problem. 


A Wyoming grassroots group, made up of three regular guys, asked the Federal Election Commission (FEC) if the ads they created would be considered ‘advocacy.’ If the ads were, it would mean the group would have to register with the government just to speak about issues like gun rights, land rights and health care they consider important. The paperwork burden created by the FEC is too much for a group of guys who just want to put out a couple of ads that essentially talk about ranching in the context of some of the Obama administration’s policies.


For reasons only known to the FEC, it continues to ignore Supreme Court rulings. It’s time for that to stop because ironically, campaign finance laws do more than big money ever could to shut people up and confine participation in politics to the wealthy and connected. It’s time to overturn vague and overbroad laws, and let Free Speech live up to its name.


It’s been a busy budget session and our cartoon this time tells it like it is. Not only do our citizen legislators have to wade through a behemoth budget bill, they have another 250 that they have to vote on, whether they know what they’re about or not. This makes it all the more important for citizens to keep an eye on what’s happening and let legislators know when they are voting against freedom.


Taxpayers vs government

Does it seem like you have less and less of your own money to spend and jobs are harder to come by? That might be because you are battling a government that is every day more like an octopus; while you confront an ever increasing burden of government head on, its tentacles reach around and pick your pocket with hidden taxes.


Dinosaur media crushing new media

Has old media become a dinosaur on the brink of extinction? As it has linked arms with big government to try to crush new media, we think that may now be the case. Read the article explaining how the SOPA and PIPA work to restrain free speech.

Balloon Man

We struggle under the burden of ever-inflating government. Just let go!  Down-to-earth free-market alternatives to ballooning government worked in the past and can work again.

This comic represents the Wyoming Liberty Index, maintained by the Wyoming Liberty Group but scored by volunteers.

When we spotted a flagrant example of media bias, we thought this cartoon would help explain it.

Government-run health care.

With federal funds come federal shackles, as Sven Larson explained at a First Tuesday event.

Don’t nullify, rather, restore federalism to its proper place.

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