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Aesthetic Regulations and Cheyenne's Affordable Housing Problem

Boyd Wiggam and Chuck Gray of KVOC in Casper discuss the Cheyenne City Council’s refusal to ease the economic burden that aesthetic design regulations for new apartment buildings impose on working families in Cheyenne, even in the face of the significant shortage of affordable, unsubsidized housing in the community.


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Steve Klein talks Smart Growth with Glenn Woods

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Wyoming’s Perpetually Growing Local Governments

Recently the U.S. Census Bureau released its report on state and local government tax revenues for 2010. It is not a very uplifting reading for Wyoming taxpayers:

  • From the top of the recession in 2006 to its bottom in 2010, the state economy – also known as state GDP – grew by 14.8 percent in current prices;
  • During the same period of time, local governments saw their tax revenues increase by a whopping 29.7 percent.
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Love your neighbor. But if you’d rather not . . . pass a law?

The Planning and Zoning Department for the city of Casper is studying a measure, recently referred to them by the City Council, which would restrict people owning homes and businesses from displaying cars for sale without a dealer’s license. If the measure is adopted, one could still sell his or her own car on personal property, but could not display someone else’s car, either as a favor or for a fee.

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