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Wyoming Homeland Security Series – Part 1: An Introduction to People, Policies and Funding That Define Homeland Security in Wyoming

By JP Eichmiller

 December 27, 2011

What does Homeland Security mean to the citizens of Wyoming one decade after 9/11?

Over the last several months, Wyoming Liberty Group investigative reporter JP Eichmiller was allotted unprecedented access into the inner-workings of the Wyoming Office of Homeland Security and the local and regional agencies it coordinates. State and county officials granted hours of in-person interviews, tours of facilities throughout Wyoming, inspections of equipment and access to internal reviews and expense accounts. Revealed through the investigation is a snapshot of the agency, people and funding that define homeland security in Wyoming today – the good, bad and often, the in-between.

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Income equality makes everyone poorer

People often ask, “Why are some people poor?” They should be asking, “Why are some people rich?” Over the millennia, poverty has been the natural condition for humanity. However, in countries that have experienced a free market system most people have been lifted out of grinding poverty. This is what those calling for income equality fail to understand. If we live in a country where the productive are pillaged to fund entitlements for the unproductive, we’ll have less income inequality because people will be poorer.

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Mixed Message: Governor’s Budget Shows Good Intentions but Weak on Delivery

Governor Mead’s first biennium budget comes at a time when the fiscal future of the Wyoming state government is more uncertain than it has been in a long time. Forecasts of flat revenues are coupled with the growing threat of panic-driven cuts in federal funds for Wyoming. While the budget itself does not impress a fiscal conservative – there is simply too much spending-as-usual baked in to it – the governor has wrapped the budget in a refreshingly precautionary policy strategy. 

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Red Tape Reduction Key to Economic Prosperity in Wyoming

Regulations are the rules and standards, sometimes called “red tape,” used by governments to control transactions, operations, and the entry of firms into the marketplace.

Why is red tape reduction the key to greater economic prosperity in Wyoming today?

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Release: Bureaucrat Burden Grows in Wyoming as Business Climate Declines

CHEYENNE: The Wyoming Liberty Group released an analysis of state and local government employment data showing that in Wyoming, the burden of government is going up while in most other states it is going down.

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One Thousand Roads to Liberty

Ending a decade of contentious litigation, the United States Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit issued a controversial opinion last Friday upholding President Clinton’s “Roadless Rule.”  The rule in controversy was issued in the last days of the Clinton Administration and was designed to prohibit access to millions of acres of public land as well as to prevent new road construction for timber harvests, mining or natural resources development.  The State of Wyoming originally won in the United States District Court for Wyoming, but the Tenth Circuit ruled, unanimously, that Wyoming’s challenge was without merit and that the Roadless Rule would have the full force of law.

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August 20, 2011 – Lemonade Freedom Day!

The Lemonade Freedom Day web site says,

Please join us on August 20, 2011 and set up your own lemonade stand. We need to send a message to everyone who is listening. They can not shut down the kids lemonade stands. If you do not have kids or do not want to set up your own lemonade stand, please support a local kid’s lemonade stand. Selling lemonade is not a crime!”

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