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One Billion Smackaroonies

What do we do when we encounter a luxurious buffet but are on a diet? We carefully take only the permitted amount of each allowed item, right? And then we consciously take a smidgen more of each. Soon the plate is overloaded (and maybe we go back for seconds – or thirds!) Is that what’s happened in Wyoming K-12 education over the last decade?

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Inconveniently inefficient

Wyoming’s constitution mandates K-12 education be universal, free of charge and efficient 1. However, the concept of efficiency is so inconvenient it was scarcely mentioned in the course of more than twenty years of litigation about K-12 funding. The result is the mammoth and terrifically expensive education system we now have.

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When Hope Clashes with the Reality of Wyoming Education

We all get the warm fuzzies, don’t we, when the auto mechanic confidently assures us he knows the cause of our car’s clunking, that it can be fixed by end of day and it will only cost a small amount? Sure; but then hope and reality clash when the work starts. Taking a look under the hood, the mechanic decides whatever it is, it’s going to take longer and it’s going to cost more – a lot more.

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Commentary- Protect local control of education

Do parents have local control over their children’s’ schools? The Supreme Court of Wyoming says no. Boyd Wiggam, legal counsel for Wyoming Liberty Group, explains.

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