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Paying Twice for Components of Capitol Construction

Your Tax Dollars at Work

(This is the second of two articles on Wyoming’s Capitol renovation project’s Capitol Oversight Group and its lack of co-ordination with the Advisory Task Force. You can read part one here.)

Paying twice for the same thing could bankrupt a company. When government pays twice, the costs falls to the taxpayer. This means the initiators of wasteful government spending go unpunished and as a result, it happens with budget busting frequency. In a recent example of wasteful duplication, the Capitol Oversight Group hired an outside project manager, MOCA Systems, to, among other things, develop guiding principles for the Capitol renovation project. Their work was made easier because guiding principles already existed. Just how many re-writes of guiding principles does one project need?

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School Choice Provides Real Taxpayer Savings

This fall Wyoming legislators are busy attending interim Committee meetings on a variety of subjects, all of which will be addressed in the cold winter months of February and March during the 2016 Budget Session. Current trends indicate long-term budget problems for Wyoming.

This April I wrote a blog entitled, The Urgent Case for School Choice in Wyoming. I argued that Wyoming legislators should bring school choice measures that work for Wyoming’s tax structure in the next budget session for two reasons: first, because it is the right thing to do for parents statewide who understand the benefits real choice in education has for their children, and second because these measures have been proven to save states money.

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Testimony: Direct Primary Care-Insurance Exemption

Testimony of Charlie Katebi, Healthcare Policy Analyst, Wyoming Liberty Group

Before the Labor, Health, and Social Services Committee
August 24, 2015

Direct Primary Care-Insurance Exemption


My name is Charlie Katebi. I am a Policy Analyst at The Wyoming Liberty Group. I would like to express my thanks to the Joint Labor, Health and Social Services Committee for the opportunity to speak here this morning.

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Healthcare is a Dangerous Thing to Waste

Contrary to the claim of Obamacare’s supporters, patients have too much access to healthcare. When insurers cover most of our bills, we’re encouraged to take every test and procedure our doctors recommend, regardless of their value. Obamacare has made this problem even worse by banning out-of-pocket fees for many services. The push to overuse medical care is not only wasteful, it’s dangerous to our health.

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Maureen Bader and Gary Freeman of KGAB discuss why the Capitol renovation is over budget now and how to get the entire budget back within the ability of the Wyoming people to fund before it spirals completely out of control

We should not be forced to fund a monument to the egos of some legislators. July 17, 2015

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Direct Primary Care’s Promise

Progressives constantly frame the debate over healthcare reform as a false choice: should healthcare be financed through insurance companies or the government?  Both options leave patients at the mercy of third parties.

Now an alternative known as Direct Primary Care promises to put the patient back in the driver’s seat.  The patient pays a flat monthly fee or retainer, and in exchange, physicians provide primary care services.  These services include checkups, urgent care, and chronic care management.

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Maureen Bader joins John Birbari on KVOW-AM 1450/KTAK-FM 93.9 to talk about black clouds on Wyoming’s budget horizon and possible spending cut strategies to enable the legislature to avoid panic tax hikes and leaving a legacy of debt to our children and grandchildren

Maureen Bader joins John Birbari on KVOW-AM 1450/KTAK-FM 93.9 to talk about black clouds on Wyoming’s budget horizon and possible spending cut strategies to enable the legislature to avoid panic tax hikes and leaving a legacy of debt to our children and grandchildren. June 3, 2015

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