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Battling the Octopus: A Lesson in Fiscal Restraint

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Know Your Bills: Senate Files 3 and 4

Authors Note: We will be examining several of the proposed bills for the upcoming Budget Session in order to better inform our readers as to what their Legislators will be voting on.

What is the rub?

Wyoming has received a significant amount of attention from Washington and the national press alleging the state has become a safe haven for companies specializing in money laundering, embezzling and elicit activities. According to Deputy Secretary of State Patricia O’Brien Arp, the same regulations that make Wyoming a business-friendly state also leave it susceptible to fraud. New laws intended to clean out many of the illegal activities were enacted in 2007 and 2008, but the Secretary of State’s Office says evolving criminals and schemes require updated enforcement statutes.

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Sunshine in Wyoming Government

by JP Eichmiller

Wyoming press representatives are hoping to reach a compromise with local agency officials by the end of August on disputed legislation regarding open records and meetings.

The Wyoming Senate rejected two House bills during the 2011 Legislative Session intended to provide greater transparency and access to government information and meetings.

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Enzi Tells Wyoming Senate to Trust the Legislative Process

Senator Enzi addressed the Wyoming Senate and House Friday January 14th.  His message was to trust the “legislative process.”

He cited a U. S. Senate Democrats’ attempt to avoid the normal legislative process of discussing bills in committee.  This ultimately would have cost the US taxpayers an additional $7.1 billion. You might think the necessity of committee discussion is so obvious that it does not need defending, but sticking to his guns regarding “committee discussion” put Senator Enzi in the crosshairs of the national press and drew the wrath of many Americans during the recent Lame Duck Session.

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New Governor + New Legislature = Change

by Charles Ware

Since the January 3, 2011 inauguration of Governor Matt Mead two weeks ago and the convening of the 2011 Session with its many new legislators, this observer has noted several changes beyond the usual, “what type of bills are being passed and who is being appointed to the executive branch offices.”

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