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Wyoming Rejects Medicaid Expansion

For four years, supporters of Medicaid expansion urged our elected representatives to permanently commit Wyoming to this entitlement program.  And for the fourth year in a row, Wyoming’s Joint Appropriations Committee, or JAC, responded with a resounding “No.”

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Medicaid Expansion Cut from Budget, Good News for Wyoming

CHEYENNE, WY: The Wyoming Liberty Group applauds Wyoming’s Joint Appropriation Committee’s removal of Medicaid Expansion from the Wyoming budget. WyLiberty has released Medicaid Expansion: Myths and Realities today, which debunks the most popular myths used by Governor Matt Mead to support Medicaid Expansion.

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Medicaid’s Flimsy Math

The director of Wyoming’s Department of Health, Tom Forslund, recently sat down before the Joint Appropriations Committee (JAC) to make his plea for more spending. The biggest item by far on the agency’s wish list was Medicaid Expansion, costing a whopping $268 million. How did he try selling such an expensive line item to the JAC? He claimed Medicaid Expansion would actually save Wyoming money.

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The Uncompensated Care Scam

Medicaid’s allies are gearing up their expansion drive for the 2016 budget session. As usual, they’re trying to convince Wyomingites that they will save big if government spends more of their money. We’ve heard this story before.

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