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UDC Design Standards Wrong for Downtown Cheyenne

The City of Cheyenne Planning Commission is going to vote on whether to apply Unified Development Standards to new buildings downtown.

Currently, the UDC Design Standards to not apply to downtown buildings.

As a result, the part of Cheyenne that is zoned “CBD” or Central Business District” acts like a zone of freedom for designers and builders compared to the rest of Cheyenne.

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You Can Make a Difference at City Hall and Win

One superb example of how individuals can protect liberty by positive public participation recently occurred when the Laramie County Commission decided to adopt a significantly amended and pared-down version of the 2014 PlanCheyenne Update.

Informed citizens put core principles to work during the PlanCheyenne Update discussion. These included voluntary participation in associations, civil conduct between private citizens and public servants, plus self-discipline and hard work. Election of officials who possessed both the core values and the work ethic to fulfill the difficult duties of the offices they now hold was a prerequisite.

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