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All I want for Christmas…is a Blimp?

With Christmas around the corner, many will be hoping for new golf sets or hunting accessories under their tree.  Residents of Maryland will be getting a new “gift” from the federal government—a giant blimp

In what seems more appropriate for a dystopian novel, Marylanders will be seeing a giant hovering blimp between Washington, DC and Baltimore.  Giant hardly captures it; this blimp occupies as much space as 3,500 elephants.  Why a giant blimp?  Its job is surveillance from all points Northeast to Texas.  Talk about eyes in the sky.

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Net Neutrality: The War on Freedom

by Jason Gay

Although not in the news for a while, the efforts to classify internet access as a utility are not nearly as benign as they may first appear. Net Neutrality, the innocuous, misleading name chosen by proponents of internet regulation, remains an ongoing issue. Recently, President Obama called for the FCC to act unilaterally.

There is a major push on several fronts, including academic publications in favor of regulation. The common flaw in these arguments is confusing correlation with causation—they look to areas with greater poverty and limited internet access and see the latter as a cause rather than the former.

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WyLiberty Supports Privacy Protections Against Unmanned Aerial Surveillance

RAWLINS, WY – Wyoming Liberty Group provided information to the Joint Judiciary Interim Committee as it considered legislation that would regulate the use of unmanned aerial vehicles-commonly known as drones-by law enforcement agencies.

“Drones are quickly becoming smaller, more efficient, cheaper and common,” said Steve Klein, WyLiberty staff attorney. “Despite this, courts treat them just like manned airplanes when they’re used for surveillance, meaning police do not need to get a warrant before using them. The Judiciary Committee should adopt a committee bill that would fix this by requiring a warrant for most investigations using drones.”

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Privacy and Mobile Devices

This has not been a very good year for privacy on mobile devices.

It was a bad spring for Apple, as iPhone users found out their phones were, er, phoning home. iPhones log GPS data, cell information and WiFi hotspots. And they transmit all that to Apple every 12 hours.

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The U.S. Government and Activist Technology

The federal government has uncloaked a previously secret program to provide pro-democracy activists in China and the Middle East with technology tools. One item would be a “panic button” that would wipe clean an activist’s mobile phone. The idea is to prevent the contents of the phone from falling into the hands of the local Stasi, whoever they might be.

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The Birthing of Democracy

“The whole drama of the world is such tragedy that I am weary of the spectacle.” — John Adams, 1779

Despite the interruption in the 24-hour news cycle by that horrific disaster in Japan, the world has been watching the amazing and painful birthing of democracy in Arab countries over the past six months.

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