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Coal Alchemy and Corporate Welfare

A Wyoming love story

For thousands of years, alchemists tried to change base metals into gold. Today, this lofty goal rests unachieved, but its legacy remains. Now, instead of changing lead to gold, crafty alchemists look to change money from the pockets of taxpayers to their own, and governments seem happy to assist. High on the alchemy hit list in Wyoming is the coal-to-liquids scheme—a boondoggle that could waste even more hard-earned tax dollars in the future as Wyoming politicians scramble to appear to be doing something to grow the economy and create jobs.

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Data Center Electricity Demand

  • Will it leave citizens freezing in the dark?

Back in 2012, Wyoming Governor Matt Mead announced that Microsoft would build a $112 million data center in Cheyenne. Since then, Microsoft announced two data center expansions, for a total investment of about $450 million.

Sounds great, but is it?

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