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Time for Real Choice in Education

The 2015 Wyoming Legislative Session is over but our work here at the Wyoming Liberty Group for 2015 doesn’t end as we continue to focus on a parent’s fundamental right to raise their children without government interference. Recently we went to Washington D.C. with a group of mom’s from around the state to speak to Wyoming’s Congressional delegation about education issues.  At the heart of their discussion was a call for more freedom for parents to direct and choose their children’s educational path as well as the real and urgent need for the federal government to remove itself entirely from the education policy arena.

Parents need real choice in education.  Which meant for the Washington trip, our message focused on the reality that any new federal education legislation must get the federal government out of the way of providing real and clear distinctions in education for parents.  And at the state level, we continue to speak against artificial government “accountability” measures that have been shown to be a failure in the past (think - No Child Left Behind). 

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If the Federal Government can do it, so can Wyoming

Last week, HR 5, the federal rewrite of No Child Left Behind - seriously mistitled as the “Student Success Act” - was pulled from the floor of the US House after Republican leadership could not get the votes required to pass the bill out of the House.

Congressmen had been hammered over the past week with emails, tweets and other social media communications from their local grassroots organizations asking them to vote against HR5.  

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Ten Reasons Common Core is Bad for Wyoming

Karin McQuillan, Jackson, WY

Common Core is a liberal program known as Obamacare for education, which is hated by children, parents and conservatives across America. Wyoming should be a leader in fighting against Common Core. Yet even as you read this, Governor Mead and the legislature are going full steam ahead, while parents don’t even know what is happening.

Here are ten reasons you should know about Common Core even if you are not a parent:

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Federal Lunch Program Comes Under Fire From Students

Public school students have taken to Twitter to point out some of the absurdities of the federal National School Lunch Program (NSLP). 

In 2012, the Obama administration made over 15 major rule changes to the NSLP, prompted by First Lady Michelle Obama’s new Nutrition Program, which included increasing the number of dark, green leafy vegetables served to school age kids, decreasing the amount of fat and salt in foods and denying children the option of refusing certain foods. 

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