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The Killing Fields of Socialized Healthcare

The Department of Veterans Affairs is the perfect example of socialized healthcare. The federal government owns all the hospitals, employs all the staff, and leaves patients to languish and sometimes die on waitlists. A year after news broke that VA hospitals kept veterans waiting months to see a doctor, including in Wyoming, the VA still refuses to admit its methods endangered veterans. But new evidence reveals that the agency’s practices are disastrous for our wounded warriors.

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Healthcare is a Dangerous Thing to Waste

Contrary to the claim of Obamacare’s supporters, patients have too much access to healthcare. When insurers cover most of our bills, we’re encouraged to take every test and procedure our doctors recommend, regardless of their value. Obamacare has made this problem even worse by banning out-of-pocket fees for many services. The push to overuse medical care is not only wasteful, it’s dangerous to our health.

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The Canadian Health Care Utopia Myth

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King v. Burwell Sets Obamacare on Path to Destruction

Following the Supreme Court’s creative reading of Obamacare in its King v. Burwell decision, politicians rejoiced, including those in Wyoming. Governor Matt Mead said in a Press Release:

“This decision allows 17,000 people in Wyoming to continue to receive a tax credit for health insurance and avoids many potential complications of those individuals losing that credit. Simply stated, this ruling maintains the status quo.”

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Canada – A Health Care Utopia?

If you put the federal government in charge of the Sahara Desert, in 5 years there’d be a shortage of sand.
         Milton Friedman

Imagine being told by your doctor that you are too young for a knee replacement or even worse, waiting so long for bariatric surgery that you die. If you think this could never happen, think again. In the Canadian single-payer health care system, people languish and sometimes die on wait lists because government rations – or caps – the amount of health care it supplies. Government health care cheerleaders — take note.

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Wyoming’s Health Care Plan-B Spreads to Other States

  • Obamacare will make our health care system worse.
  • We have the tools to prevent the spread of socialized health care.

Wyoming Liberty Group’s battle to stop the implementation of Obamacare in Wyoming has made it a leader in health care reform. That expertise is now spreading to other states, giving them the tools to fight off the Obamacare Goliath.

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