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The Rise of Radical Socialism

This article is not about Wyoming. Not directly, at least. But it is about the values that the people of this great state hold dear: freedom and self determination. Beyond our state borders - in fact, beyond the borders of the United States - a new, aggressive brand of radical socialism is on the rise. It is more radical than the ideas that brought Obama to the White House. While it is, essentially, yet another form of the same totalitarian threat to Western Civilization that we have fought so hard to defeat, its ability to morph and adapt makes it harder to detect. But like all collectivist, authoritarian ideologies it preys on economic despair and fills the void where opportunity and freedom should be. Let us never drop our guard. Let us never become complacent. Let us always remember the words of Ronald Reagan: Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.

--- Originally published at The Liberty Bullhorn ---

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Reality vs. Socialism

Back in July I wrote about the global socialist rebound, part of which involves the emergence of post-Chavez Venezuela. The new president, Nicolas Maduro, has doubled down on socialism and its fatally bad economic model, where daily life is dictated by shortages of everything from bread to electricity.

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Welfare: Don’t Depend On It

One of the most cynical aspects of the welfare state is that government makes promises to take care of people, and then breaks its promises. This is happening all over Europe as the welfare states over there reach the end of their fiscal life span. The taxes that feed the welfare state destroy private, productive economic activity and thus shrink the tax base for that same welfare state. That, in turn, triggers more promise defaults.

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Wyoming’s Health Care Plan-B Spreads to Other States

  • Obamacare will make our health care system worse.
  • We have the tools to prevent the spread of socialized health care.

Wyoming Liberty Group’s battle to stop the implementation of Obamacare in Wyoming has made it a leader in health care reform. That expertise is now spreading to other states, giving them the tools to fight off the Obamacare Goliath.

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