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New Reforms Pay Patients to Shop for Healthcare

Every 8 weeks, Paula Bennet visits a primary care clinic to receive Remicaid infusions to treat her Crohn’s disease.  Normally, an appointment like this would cost $30 in copays.  But in Paula’s case, her health plan pays her.

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Empowering Patients Delivers Savings

Several states have been moving their health care systems in a more patient centered direction.  Reforms that empower patients to find better value in their health care systems is a win-win scenario for both the patient and taxpayers.   Their patients now have both the right information and incentives to find the best health care at the lowest price.  

Listen in as Charlie Katebi talks about two such reforms in this week's Wyoming Liberty Group podcast.

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Testimony: Pay Patients to Find Affordable Healthcare

Testimony before the Wyoming Labor, Health, and Social Services Committee, August 25, 2016

My name is Charlie Katebi. I'm a policy analyst with the Wyoming Liberty Group.  I’d like to thank the Department of Health for researching and bringing greater attention to Wyoming’s lack of healthcare transparency, and why we need greater clarity for patients.

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Paying Patients to be SmartShoppers

For most of us, our healthcare is paid for by someone else; either our employer or a government entitlement program.  When someone else is paying, why bother shopping around for the best price?  Now an innovative new company has found a way to make patients cost-conscious and lower prices.

Since World War II, employer-sponsored insurance has remained an untaxed benefit.  Companies began offering health insurance to attract workers after the Roosevelt Administration imposed wage freezes.   These benefits became so popular that large employers successfully lobbied the IRS to exempt health coverage from taxation in 1943.  This allowed businesses to compensate workers through untaxed benefits.  And workers enjoy untaxed compensation in the form of health insurance.

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