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Separation of Marriage and State

The Tenth Amendment movement across the country is gathering an interesting coalition that spreads across the political spectrum. From gun owners (viewed by the mainstream media as conservative) and tea partiers (viewed by the MSM as right wing nut cases and racists) to medical marijuana activists (viewed by the MSM as leftists), people are embracing the Tenth Amendment as a way to end federal regulation on issues they care about. Full marijuana legalization and taxation are on the California ballot this November, with an implied Tenth Amendment defense against federal drug laws.

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Just the Facts, Ma’am: Procedural Hijinks Defeat Individual Liberties at High Court

In my last post, I described the benefits of the Supreme Court’s opinion in McDonald v. City of Chicago while taking issue with the Court’s adopted mode of analysis.  The Court also released Christian Legal Society v. Hastings College of Law at the end of its term.  While the case had the potential to be a solid victory for supporters of free association and the exercise of religion, something went wrong along the litigation track.

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