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Cheyenne’s Arbitrary City Council - Video

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Burns Bans Flowers in Cemetery

Burns, a small town in eastern Laramie County, has demonstrated how even small town governments can ride roughshod over people and disregard the history and foundation of a community. Both Veterans Day and my mother’s birthday are approaching as I write. Either of these normally would be an occasion to place flowers at the graves of my mother and my grandfather who was a World War II veteran. However, because they are buried in the Burns cemetery, this basic act of remembrance is not permitted.

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Common Core Standards Mock Local Control of Education

by Maureen Bader, Amy Edmonds

Wyoming is a great place: full of caring and dedicated parents; committed, well-educated and experienced teachers; strong communities; and a strong tradition of local control over education. We have the skills and expertise to develop an excellent educational system, including standards setting and curricula development. This means we should reject the latest federal education fad and jettison the Common Core so-called standards and testing systems from Wyoming.

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Citizens Speak Out – Stop Common Core

Comments to the State Board of Education

Members of the Board, thank you for this opportunity to speak to you regarding the Common Core State Standards.

I would like to start my remarks today by talking about what is wonderful about education in Wyoming.  Our state is blessed with a lot of superb resources and we would all be remiss if we didn’t address those first.

  1. Wyoming has caring, dedicated parents.
  2. Wyoming has committed, well-educated, experienced teachers. 
  3. Wyoming has strong communities.
  4. Wyoming has strong traditions of local control over education in our communities, which make children feel safe and rooted.
  5. We have the skills and expertise in our own state to develop excellence in our educational system, from setting standards to developing curriculum.  Our local education systems have principles that reflect our unique culture and heritage and that equip our children for the future.
  6. We have an elected citizen legislature, elected local school boards, as well as yourselves, a board appointed by our elected governor.  Folks who are willing to serve their state in a voluntarily, often working long, exhausting hours with very little reward.
  7. And finally, we are blessed with large amounts of mineral wealth.  Wealth that has kept Wyoming consistently in the top 10 slot (often in the top first or second slot) of per pupil funding. We have the ability to fund education generously here.
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Texas DA’s shenanigans lead to de-funding, implicate DeLay appeal

More than eight months after hearing oral arguments in the appeal of DeLay v. Texas, the Third Court of Appeals in Austin has yet to release an opinion in the case. Attorney and Wyoming Liberty Group colleague Ben Barr and I filed a friend-of-the-court brief in the case in December 2011, and eagerly await the court’s decision.

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The Second Amendment’s Enduring Relevance

Last Friday marked the six month anniversary of the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. Despite a quick call to action by President Obama following the shooting, federal efforts at gun control amounted to little more than increased demand for guns and ammunition nationwide. Following the failure of a bill to require universal federal background checks for firearms purchases in the Democrat-controlled Senate, anti-gun rhetoric only became more ignorant and juvenile from certain corners.

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Lawrence O’Donnell Opposes Obamacare Exchanges?

While the media continue to ponder MSNBC’s anemic ratings, it appears few pundits are actually watching to get an idea of what passes for commentary in that neck of the woods. The apex of the network’s buffoonery continues to be Lawrence O’Donnell, host of “The Last Word.”

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