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You Can Make a Difference at City Hall and Win

One superb example of how individuals can protect liberty by positive public participation recently occurred when the Laramie County Commission decided to adopt a significantly amended and pared-down version of the 2014 PlanCheyenne Update.

Informed citizens put core principles to work during the PlanCheyenne Update discussion. These included voluntary participation in associations, civil conduct between private citizens and public servants, plus self-discipline and hard work. Election of officials who possessed both the core values and the work ethic to fulfill the difficult duties of the offices they now hold was a prerequisite.

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Pension Reform Required Before it is Too Late

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There Is No Income Inequality

Let us make one thing clear right now: there is no such thing as income “inequality”. There are income differences, but no income “inequalities”.

The very term “inequality” has been constructed to imply a moral content in differences between people’s incomes (or wealth). Every time we use the term we imply – deliberately or inadvertently – that income differences are problematic and need to go away. But if the premise of any discussion of income differences is that the differences are somehow immoral, then there really is not going to be a dispassionate conversation about those differences.

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Political High Crimes and the First Amendment

Last week, Dinesh D’Souza, a provocative conservative author and anti-Obama filmmaker, was indicted for using straw donors to channel money to a Senate candidate.  Under federal law, individuals may give a maximum of $2,600 per candidate per election.  Schemes to contribute beyond that amount through straw men or other indirect means are illegal.  In Mr. D’Souza’s case, that meant contributing some $20,000 through friends. 

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Two RNC Resolutions

By Charles Curley on January 29, 2014

At the 2014 winter meeting of the Republican National Committee (RNC) in Washington, D.C., the RNC approved eleven resolutions. All will be available eventually on the RNC General Counsel’s web site.

Two of them are of particular note. 

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Follow the Constitution on Yard Signs

by Boyd Wiggam, Tim Kingston

The Cheyenne City Council is expected soon to vote on an ordinance that will amend the Unified Development Code to make special provisions for election and ideological signs.

This is necessary because the current rules governing signs do not comply with the First Amendment’s Free Speech guarantee.

Councilman Dicky Shanor’s arguments in the most recent City Council meeting most accurately stated how the Constitution protects election or ideological signs more than commercial signs.

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Cheyenne’s Arbitrary City Council

The Cheyenne City Council ignored constitutional due process and basic property rights at its October 28 meeting. By denying a property rezoning request conforming to both the comprehensive plan and the zoning designation that applies to the surrounding neighborhood, the Council demonstrated what arbitrary action by a governing body looks like. Both the U.S. Constitution and its Wyoming counterpart forbid government from acting arbitrarily.

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