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Halt the March to Fuel Poverty in Wyoming

A favorite corporate welfare scheme in Wyoming uses tax dollars to attract private companies to the state. One headline-grabbing scheme involves tax breaks and grants for data center attraction. When spinning the benefits of these subsidies, politicians make effusive claims to taxpayers, raving on about diversifying the economy, creating jobs, boosting the construction industry, increasing economic activity during slumps, generating tax dollars in the state, and/or increase productivity. For some reason, the flag, apple pie and for the children are left off this list.

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WyLiberty Releases Survey Results Detailing Voter Disapproval of Corporate Welfare

• Majority agree:

• Wyoming would be more prosperous if people made own spending decisions;
• Families unlikely to benefit from corporate welfare schemes;
• Private sector better at determining potential of new technology than government;
• Are unwilling to pay higher electricity costs to attract data centers.

•  People of Wyoming say put excess tax revenue into their hands instead of government.

CHEYENNE: Wyoming Liberty Group released the results of a survey today that asked 500 likely voters in Wyoming their opinion on the state government’s use of tax dollars to benefit private companies.

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