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The Health Committee Paves the Way for Affordable Healthcare

In a moment of bipartisan wisdom, the Labor, Health, and Social Services Committee sponsored legislation allowing out-of-state nurses to practice in Wyoming. Like many states, Wyoming bars nurses not licensed by our nursing board to practice here. The status quo restricts the supply of nurses, preventing patients from accessing thousands of qualified nurses, not to mention raising healthcare costs. The committee’s members took a decisive step towards expanding healthcare access in the state of Wyoming.

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Wyoming Welcomes Out-of-State Doctors

Governor Mead is by no stretch of the imagination a visionary government reformer. However, he took a big step towards expanding healthcare access in Wyoming by signing the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact into law. This will allow out-of-state physicians to practice medicine in Wyoming and lower healthcare costs for patients.

Physicians that wish to practice in Wyoming must receive a license from the Wyoming Board of Medicine. However, every state has virtually identical requirements for a doctor to receive a license. Prospective physicians must graduate from a medical school approved by the American Medical Association and they must pass the US Medical License Exam. If every state requires doctors to have the same basic credentials, why not let out-of-state doctors practice in Wyoming?

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