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Wyoming Failure on PAWS, NAEP & ACT

What do PAWS, NAEP & ACT have in common besides being arcane acronyms? They are all K-12 education testing systems, each testing different age groups by subject, with the object of assessing what kids know and can do. They’ve also become canaries in the coal mine telling us our education systems and theories are ineffective. See the four graphs below.

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Education Spending Wars About to Begin

Members of the Wyoming House and Senate Education committee met last week at the close of the legislative session to discuss potential topics to study over the next 10 months. The meeting began with all of the lackluster enthusiasm of insomniacs watching a midnight infomercial. The usual flock of education bureaucrats and lobbyists representing school board members, the teachers union, community colleges, the University of Wyoming and the State Board of Education presented uninspiring testimony on various subjects from the state’s alignment with the federal Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) to studying transportation costs within the districts.

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