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Why do we need the Taxpayer Protection Pledge?

Maureen Bader and Glenn Woods talk about who signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge in Campbell County and why the voters of Campbell County should be most worried about a tax hike.

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Why Wyoming Needs a Taxpayer Protection Pledge

We often point to the third-party payer problem as the cause of the explosion in health care costs. Insurers pay doctors who provide services to patients. This separation of payer and patient means the patient has little incentive to question the cost or even the quality of service.

Now imagine what would happen if a big part of a state’s spending is funded that way.

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Instead of Asking: “Who Will Pay for It?" Ask: "What Are We Paying For?"

During the minerals boom politicians competed to see who could spend more to give voters “free stuff.” The free spending Freudenthal administration partied on with a state spending spree that doubled the cost of government—free stuff is expensive after all. Of course, buying votes with free stuff means convincing voters they can get something for nothing. That wasn’t difficult when the minerals industry picked up the tab; every spending request seemed to get knee-jerk approval.


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Delayed Decisions Dig a Deeper Fiscal Hole

Governor Mead announced he will cut approximately $200 million from the current fiscal year’s spending. This apparent burst of fiscal conservatism came as a result of a clause in the 2014 budget bill directing the governor to review agency budgets and reduce them if it looks like the fall in tax revenue will result in a deficit. Revenue has been on a downswing for a year now, but Governor Mead’s main solutions will only dig a deeper fiscal hole.

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