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Obamacare’s expansion means less, not more healthcare

Since Obamacare became law, patients have seen their health insurance choices disappear.  There are fewer insurers selling fewer plans with narrower networks than ever before.  And now Obamacare’s architects want to snuff out the few remaining private options and replace them with government rationing and substandard healthcare. 

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Saving Patients from Medicaid

Liberals frequently claim that Medicaid expands healthcare options to the less fortunate.  But without major reforms, Medicaid will become a major barrier for patients seeking care.

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Saying No to Medicaid Expansion Saves Hospitals and Lives

After seeing Wyoming’s Hospital Association fight tooth and nail for Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion, you’d think Medicaid expansion left hospitals in other states flush with cash.  The reality is that Medicaid expansion has significantly cut hospital compensation, resulting in longer wait times and less services for the very patients it’s intended to help.

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