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A Tale of Two Sons: The Cold Hand of the FDA

Sometimes the importance of medical freedom gets a bit blurry, but for those enduring a medical crisis, the need to preserve medical freedom becomes very clear. The story of Jenn McNary and her sons, Austin and Max Leclaire, makes this evident:

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A Medical Freedom Island in a Nanny State Sea

Today, if government doesn’t regulate something, you can be sure someone will ask why not. From heating pads to home improvement to health care, the demand for government regulations has given politicians and bureaucrats the excuse to take more and more power and control away from citizens – all for citizens’ own good, of course.

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Getting Away From it All: An Introduction to Medical Freedom Zones

Imagine when you took a vacation that government bureaucrats informed you where you could go and what type of activities you could do.  Most of us would throw our hands up at the absurdity of this idea – we’re perfectly capable of driving to our brother’s abode, flying to the islands, or picking that ideal ski trek all on our own.  But when government intervenes in other areas of our lives we sometimes forget just how nonsensical and damaging it can be.

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