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Will Pot Taxes Make Mead Support Legalization?

Ever since Colorado decided to legalize marijuana there has been an increasingly intense discussion in Wyoming over whether or not the Cowboy State should go the same way. Some people have (for unclear reasons) confidently, consistently, told us that it can never happen here. However, as I explained last year, whenever there is the prospect of a new tax, anything can happen, even in Wyoming. Alas, from KGAB:

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Weed for Welfare in Colorado?

Next year, Wyoming voters will be faced with a ballot measure to legalize, and create a tax on, marijuana. As part of the preparation for the vote, it is a good idea to study what has happened in Colorado since legalization. The Washington Times keeps up with the latest developments:

Everyone in Colorado from Republicans to marijuana moguls wants to stop welfare cash from being used to buy recreational pot, but standing in their way are the state’s formidable legislative Democrats. Despite mounting evidence that “welfare for weed” is more than an urban myth, Democratic legislators are balking at a bill that would add marijuana dispensaries and strip clubs to the list of places, along with casinos and liquor stores, where debit-style benefits cards cannot be used to withdraw cash from automatic teller machines, or ATMs.

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Get Ready for Weed Welfare

You can’t make this up:

Weed welfare? That's what the Berkeley City Council in California has unanimously approved, ordering medical marijuana dispensaries to donate 2 percent of their stash to patients making less than $32,000 a year.

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Do Not Concede Ethical Territory to Statists

There are many unanswered questions in our universe:

  • Is there life on other planets?
  • Do intelligent beings on other planets pay taxes?
  • When is government big enough for a statist?

The first two questions are easy to answer. Yes, of course there is life on other planets. Anything else would be statistically impossible.

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Pot, Welfare and a Libertarian Dilemma

The debate over legalization of marijuana is both philosophical and medical. From the philosophical viewpoint it is about individual choice; the medical side is about addiction and marijuana-based medical products.

As a direct consequence of the legalization of recreational marijuana in Colorado, there is now a third side to this issue, an economic side that creates a dilemma for libertarians (yours truly included).

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A Sober Look at the Addictive Pot Tax

The issue of legalized marijuana is slowly carving out a spot for itself on the Wyoming political scene. In January the National Organization for Reform of Marijuana Laws, seductively abbreviated NORML, submitted a proposal for a 2016 ballot initiative in Wyoming, seeking to:

  • make it legal for anyone 21 or older to use marijuana;
  • allow medical use and home cultivation; and
  • ban the state from firing pot-smoking employees.
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