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Tom Price has the right prescription for healthcare reform

Donald Trump is serious about wresting control of our healthcare system away from the federal government and giving power back to patients, and he just showed it by naming Rep. Tom Price to head the Department of Health and Human Services.

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Happy Anniversary Welfare Reform!

Twenty years ago, President Bill Clinton signed welfare reforms into law that revolutionized American anti-poverty policy. Critics warned these changes would cruelly condemn vulnerable families to extreme hardship.  But new evidence shows these reforms lifted millions of families out of poverty.  

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Reforming Entitlements Benefit Patients and Taxpayers Alike

Entitlements used to be considered the “third-rail” of American politics. Now the public recognizes that without major changes to Medicare and Medicaid, both programs threaten our fiscal future.   Fortunately, there are reforms that not only save taxpayers money, but also deliver better healthcare to the elderly and needy. 

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