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Education is About Growing a Rose

I just read a piece entitled “Why I teach Philosophy to Plumbers” by Professor Scott Samuelson; he writes about why a liberal arts education matters in our modern world. In a similar vein, New York Times writer David Brooks touches on why real education should equip students for more than the workforce in his wonderful article, Love Story.

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Seamus Heaney and Educational ‘Success’

Seamus Heaney, perhaps the most renowned Irish poet since W.B. Yeats, has passed. Heaney’s poetry won me over relatively early in life, for which I credit my own academic yearning, but as well the unfettered enthusiasm of educators with whom I was fortunate enough to travel the byways of poetry and prose. Lacking their freedom to parlay such knowledge without such contemporary folderol as teaching-to-the-test and career-readiness, my door to literary awareness would’ve been quite narrow indeed. 

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