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It's Always Your Fault

by Joel Otto

I was reading the Lemons Rules today, again.  Reading the rules needs to be done many times when building a race car.  I found this gem:

6.1: It's Always Your Fault: LeMons is an all-fault environment. You are 100% responsible for what happens while you're at the wheel. Think you're the hittee, not the hitter? We don't care. Think you've been wrongly accused? See the part where it says "we don't care." Your job is to stay out of trouble. If trouble finds you, take responsibility like a grownup and figure out how to avoid it the next time. This ain't the d**n SCCA.

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Be In The Race-Republic Free Choice - Choice Grounded in Common Sense

by Joel Otto

Racing automobiles is an extension of the joy and freedom empowered by the automobile in a free society.  Since their invention, cars have enabled people to make individual choices in a way never before granted to the human race; when and where to go, how far, how fast, how many people to carry.  Beyond that, the cars themselves are also a reflection of people’s personality, taste and fulfillment of desires.

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