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Government Sector Pension Plans – Who Pays?

  • Taxpayers contribute $7.70 for every $1 contributed by bureaucrats 

Governor Mead’s recent budget announcement is potential gold for government workers. In addition to a salary increase, the governor proposes to roll back modest pension reforms that provided some relief to taxpayers.

Instead of forcing taxpayers, many of whom do not even have a pension plan, to pay more towards the pensions of government workers, government workers must themselves contribute more to their own pension plans.

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State Already Mining Children’s Information

Governments around the world are busy building data systems to collect information on their citizens, and Wyoming is no exception. Data system supporters wax eloquent about the need to coordinate government services to optimize programs. However, the promise of better performance  — if only they had more data — is, like many government promises, overblown. Wyoming is already collecting private information in state agencies, but if it looks at the experience in other jurisdictions, it will shut down the State Longitudinal Data System (SLDS).

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Communicating with Legislators – Citizen Lobbying

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Allow Telecommunications Act to Sunset

  • WyLiberty releases Liberty Brief  — Weak Connections in Telecommunications
  • Recommendations:
    • Update legislation to separate telecommunications from Internet service
    • Improve definitions to eliminate ambiguity
    • Join lawsuits filed against the FCC to challenge its expansion 

CHEYENNE: The Wyoming Liberty Group released Weak Connections in Telecommunications today to provide citizens and legislators with alternatives to more government interference in the telecommunications industry as a way to lower consumer prices. 

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Don’t Fear the Federal Boogeyman

Jim McBride, former Wyoming Superintendent of Public Instruction, told a fascinating and shocking story Oct. 8 while testifying in favor of the Common Core State Standards before the State Board of Education. According to McBride, while in office he once had a conversation with the Undersecretary of the United States Department of Education at a cocktail party. After McBride suggested Wyoming schools could operate without federal funds, the Undersecretary stated the federal government would respond by withholding all federal funds to Wyoming including monies for such initiatives as Game and Fish and Transportation. Although McBride said he was unsure of the legality of such a claim and did not check with the Attorney General’s office afterward, the story was meant to reinforce that Common Core is here to stay.

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A Meandering Meditation on Marching Mandates

Sitting in committee hearings can be mindboggingly boring, and that in turn causes the mind to wander. It was in that state that I sat through most of the July meeting of the Interim Joint Education Committee in Riverton.

The committee considered a draft bill, the “Jason Flatt Act.” Who? One thing about bills named after people you’ve never heard of is that the title tells you nothing of what the bill is about. In this case a title such as “The Youth Suicide Intervention Act” would be more informative and more on point. Conversely, it probably also would not jerk as many tears.

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Wyoming Economy Still Standing Still

In April this year I explained that Wyoming was falling behind the national economic recovery. In May I reported that Wyoming was dead last of all 50 states in job creation. A comparison of private-sector jobs April 2013 over April 2012 showed a loss of 1,800 jobs in one year. This was happening while our neighboring states were adding thousands upon thousands of private-sector jobs.

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