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Federal Land Mismanagement

More than 50 years ago Bernard DeVoto uttered perhaps the truest statement ever made with respect to the public lands and the rural West; the actual western view of the place of the federal government, DeVoto explained, is: “Go away and give us more money.”

Robert H. Nelson, Our Languishing Public Lands, Policy Review, February & March 2012.

The quote from Bernard DeVoto, unfortunately, is both accurate and damning. The Wyoming Republican Party, in its platform and resolutions, consistently asks for both. Yet the federal government, increasingly dysfunctional, will not go away, and cannot give the western states more money. What, then, to do? Drop the second demand, perhaps?

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Beware of Smart Growth

Cheyenne area planners, politicians, and selected “stakeholders” attended the Technical Assistance Workshops presented by Smart Growth America on April 21-22, 2015. These workshops were designed to help local leaders understand and implement smart growth strategies and billed as a planning tool to improve fiscal and economic health and sustainability for the City and its residents.

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Rural Land is Property Too

Wyoming’s wide-open spaces and horizons that appear to stretch to infinity are some of the most remarkable amenities residents can enjoy. For those who are more familiar with life in towns or even small acreages, these magnificent expanses of land without buildings can sometimes seem empty. Agriculturalists, however, can recognize how actively our countryside is working to produce the food and fiber our society depends on for food and clothing.  The fields and pastures individual farmers and ranchers own and operate are not empty; they are the basic components of every agricultural operation.  The potential income for a farmer or rancher is limited by the number of acres that farm or ranch has available to plant crops or graze animals on.  Our founding fathers did not simply protect property because of some abstract theory of independence and individual liberty symbolized by land ownership; they did so because they understood that land is the essential foundation for economic productivity and sustenance that the rest of any economy is built upon.

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Reclaiming State Land from the Federal Government

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