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Hot Seat Q & A on Criminal Justice Reform

In case you missed it, Anthony sat down with Gary Freeman on KGAB Radio to answer the tough questions surrounding criminal justice reform.  Much appreciation to the thoughtful listeners that took the time to call in.  If you have any questions or concerns, contact Anthony directly via email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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Justice Reform Could Cut Healthcare Spending, Combat Potential Crisis

By: Anthony Vibbard & Charlie Katebi

Criminal justice reform legislation will be on the agenda in the upcoming 2017 Wyoming Legislative General Session. Much has been said about criminal justice reform and its potential to save taxpayer dollars. The conversation typically revolves around lowering administrative costs, downsizing staff, and avoiding future prison construction. But, reforms could also reduce the growing cost of prison healthcare.

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Skateboarding is Not a Crime

Tuesday of this week, the Cheyenne City Council voted to replace an overreaching ordinance that criminalized skateboarding downtown.  One of many ordinances that lead to overcriminalization.

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