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Reality Check

Wyoming’s Joint Interim Education Committee and Select Committee on Education Accountability both met on November 14th and 15th. The Legislative Service Office opened the agenda on the 14th with a fiscal update including a forecast out to 2021-22 which was grim, to say the least. After that reminder, the committees continued conversations on topics from their respective prior meetings.

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Not proficient in reading and math? No job for you!

We read frequently about employers who desperately want to hire and put people to work. And we often read about how young people are desperate to find jobs “with a living wage.” So why aren’t they teaming up and living happily ever after? Where’s the disconnect?

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Recalculating Education Governance

  • Start by taking government out of the equation.

Fallout from legislation passed in 2013 commonly known as SF104, which removed most of the duties of the elected State Superintendent of Public Education and was later ruled unconstitutional by Wyoming’s Supreme Court, has legislators wondering what to do about the governance of the state’s education system. Discussion during a recent Wyoming Joint Education Committee meeting indicates that maybe, instead of looking for ways to further centralize and make the system more accountable to government, it is time to decentralize and return accountability to where it belongs: to parents and teachers.

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Joint Education Committee Must Respect Role of Parents

CHEYENNE: Wyoming’s Joint Education Committee will meet on Friday, April 25 at 9:00 a.m. in Room 302 at the State Capitol to take public comment on the organization of public education. The Wyoming Liberty Group calls on legislators comprising the Committee to create legislation changing Wyoming’s standards process to provide parents with more representation before standards are presented to the State Board of Education. 

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