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Instead of "Who" Let's Ask "What"

Maureen Bader talks to John Birbari on KVOW Riverton Radio about Wyoming's spending blowout to buy your votes. Now that minerals industry revenue is on the decline, politiicans are scrambling around to find a way to maintain the illusion of free stuff. But instead of asking "who" will pay for it all, we need to start looking at "what" we are paying for. Politicians can always come up with an answer for "who" but the results are unlikely to pan out. Find out why in this interview. 

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What Are Taxes Really Costing Americans?

April 15 looms large on the calendar for taxpayers. Don’t be fooled if you get a refund on your federal income tax return. Taxes represent a significant annual expense for many families, especially those that usually pay the United States Treasury, because the Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) withheld your money throughout the year.

But IRS withholding is not the only cost facing taxpayers who fill out their tax forms by April 15.

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There Is No Income Inequality

Let us make one thing clear right now: there is no such thing as income “inequality”. There are income differences, but no income “inequalities”.

The very term “inequality” has been constructed to imply a moral content in differences between people’s incomes (or wealth). Every time we use the term we imply – deliberately or inadvertently – that income differences are problematic and need to go away. But if the premise of any discussion of income differences is that the differences are somehow immoral, then there really is not going to be a dispassionate conversation about those differences.

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Wyoming’s Pyrrhic Business Tax Victory

Looking superficially at the Tax Foundation’s recently released annual report on state business taxes, state elected officials might feel they have reason to celebrate: Wyoming retains the coveted number one ranking for 2014. Officials could also take pleasure in seeing that our neighboring states are not doing nearly as well:

  • Only one, South Dakota, comes close to competing with us (they rank second);
  • Montana is seventh;
  • Utah is ninth;
  • Idaho is 18th;
  • Colorado is 19th and
  • Nebraska is at a lowly 34th place.
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