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Wyoming Homeland Security Series – Part 2: 9/11 Signals New Age of Federal Spending in Wyoming

By JP Eichmiller

January 16, 2012

Note: the following story is the second part of the Wyoming Homeland Security series. To read part 1, click here.

The advent of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security nearly one decade ago created a seismic shift in the reliance of state and local governments on federal funding.

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Wyoming Homeland Security Series – Part 1: An Introduction to People, Policies and Funding That Define Homeland Security in Wyoming

By JP Eichmiller

 December 27, 2011

What does Homeland Security mean to the citizens of Wyoming one decade after 9/11?

Over the last several months, Wyoming Liberty Group investigative reporter JP Eichmiller was allotted unprecedented access into the inner-workings of the Wyoming Office of Homeland Security and the local and regional agencies it coordinates. State and county officials granted hours of in-person interviews, tours of facilities throughout Wyoming, inspections of equipment and access to internal reviews and expense accounts. Revealed through the investigation is a snapshot of the agency, people and funding that define homeland security in Wyoming today – the good, bad and often, the in-between.

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Terrorism is Terrorism

In the wake of the despicable terror attacks in Oslo, the predictable hate speeches against those who criticize Sweden’s immigration policy have already begun. I am not going to waste time on quoting them; let us just note that the hate mongers who are trying to capitalize on the Oslo massacre typically were very quick to say that the suicide bomber in Stockholm was a “mad loner” who did not represent Islam. When an equally “mad loner” strikes, who happens to be critical of immigration, then all of a sudden everyone who may have uttered a critical word of Sweden’s immigration policy is guilty by association. The leftist hate mongers are also conspicuously silent on the arrests in Denmark of Islamists – Swedish residents, by the way – who planned a terror attack on a Danish newspaper.

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