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Tom Price has the right prescription for healthcare reform

Donald Trump is serious about wresting control of our healthcare system away from the federal government and giving power back to patients, and he just showed it by naming Rep. Tom Price to head the Department of Health and Human Services.

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Six Years of Obamacare, Six Broken Promises

In March of 2010, Congress rushed to pass a massive unread bill titled, "Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act," aka Obamacare. Now at the sixth anniversary of Obamacare we ask, "Has this legislation in fact protected patients, and has it proved to be affordable?"  Here are six examples of promises Obamacare has broken: 

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Medicaid Expansion Is An Empty Promise

When progressives make the case for Medicaid Expansion, without fail they remind their listeners that the federal government has pledged to cover 90 percent of the cost of expansion. But a report from the Foundation for Government Accountability sheds light on just how empty the federal government’s promises really are. On multiple occasions, the federal government has reneged on its commitments to cover the cost of programs it collaborates with states to fund, leaving them with billions of dollars in additional obligations. And while the Obama Administration has continued to market Medicaid Expansion as “free money” to the state legislatures, the White House has proposed changes to Medicaid’s cost-sharing formula that would substantially increase the proportion of the program’s expenses that states will be stuck paying.

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