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Good News from Wyoming’s Labor Committee

The Labor committee refused to act as a pawn of special interests, and this is great news for the citizens of Wyoming.

A few months ago I wrote a series of articles explaining how Wyoming’s Labor Committee was considering two bills to block the construction of physician-owned hospitals in the state. These bills, brought to the committee by Sen. Charlie Scott, materialized as a result of lobbying by Casper’s Wyoming Medical Center (WMC). Seems the WMC, afraid of the competition, tried to use the power of government to prevent a group of doctors from building a new hospital in Casper.

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The Demise of Healthy Frontiers

By JP Eichmiller

March 9, 2012

The final chapter of the Healthy Frontiers Demonstration Project was written this week in the chambers of the Wyoming Capitol when legislators voted to terminate the program.

In a legislative session marked by talk of spending cuts and budget restraint, legislators were unwilling to continue funding the controversial health demonstration project championed by Sen. Charles Scott, R-Natrona. This was despite the fact that Sen. Scott was not asking for additional appropriations, only an extension of the operating deadline. Healthy Frontiers proved unable to overcome its growing reputation as a costly and ill-advised venture for the state of Wyoming into public health care.

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Healthy Frontiers Defeated (For Real This Time)

Yesterday afternoon, the Wyoming Senate adopted Joint Conference Committee Report 1 for Senate File 1, the Senate’s budget bill. Among many other things, this report removes a provision that would have continued funding the Healthy Frontiers program for another year.

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Wyoming Senators Vote for Health Care Freedom

  • SF0091, Healthy Frontiers Fails 3rd Reading

Feburary 28, 2012 was a great day for health care freedom. By a two-to-one margin, the Wyoming senate voted to discontinue funding the Healthy Frontiers Medicaid expansion project. This is a big stride toward stomping out socialized health care creep in the state. It also sets the stage for both affordable health insurance and health care in Wyoming.

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Victories and Vigilance: Budget Session 2012 (so far)

With nearly 250 bills coming out of the Legislative Services Office this session, and only about 20 business days to deal with them, it’s easy to see how liberty can get subverted in Wyoming.  Even liberty-friendly legislators don’t have the time to carefully consider everything that comes up, and instead of taking the liberty-safe route (simply voting no), too often things fly past our legislators and into the Wyoming Statutes.  Here at WyLiberty, we’re keeping close track of health care and other bills, but we don’t have the resources to follow and fight every encroachment, either.

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Floundering Wyoming Health Policies Creeping Into Montana

Dr. Hank Gardner, the architect of Wyoming’s fledgling Healthy Frontiers Demonstration Project, as well as several other state-funded health programs in Wyoming, is reportedly eyeing Montana as the next testing ground for his health services projects.

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Has the Joint Labor Committee Finally had Enough of Healthy Frontiers?

by Regina Meena

The Joint Labor Committee, minus Senator Charlie Scott, met December 7th and 8th in Cheyenne to discuss various health care issues and proposed legislation.  Once again, committee members, and program cheerleaders and critics sat through another Healthy Frontiers update.  We heard the usual litany:  the project currently serves 79 people; we think there are more who may be interested; the size of the pool is too small to be statistically significant; data on health outcomes is difficult to obtain; and only some people are paying their premiums.  In short, there was nothing new to report.  Unfortunately, this kind of update is as good as we can expect.

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