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Direct Primary Care: Wyoming’s Opportunity for Affordable Healthcare

In a promising moment of bipartisan agreement, members of Wyoming’s Joint Labor, Health and Social Services Committee began drafting legislation that will allow patients and physicians to contract directly with each other and escape our disastrously overregulated insurance system.

This legislation will strengthen every Wyoming resident’s Constitutional right to health freedom.  As stated:

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Wyoming Welcomes Out-of-State Doctors

Governor Mead is by no stretch of the imagination a visionary government reformer. However, he took a big step towards expanding healthcare access in Wyoming by signing the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact into law. This will allow out-of-state physicians to practice medicine in Wyoming and lower healthcare costs for patients.

Physicians that wish to practice in Wyoming must receive a license from the Wyoming Board of Medicine. However, every state has virtually identical requirements for a doctor to receive a license. Prospective physicians must graduate from a medical school approved by the American Medical Association and they must pass the US Medical License Exam. If every state requires doctors to have the same basic credentials, why not let out-of-state doctors practice in Wyoming?

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Direct Primary Care’s Promise

Progressives constantly frame the debate over healthcare reform as a false choice: should healthcare be financed through insurance companies or the government?  Both options leave patients at the mercy of third parties.

Now an alternative known as Direct Primary Care promises to put the patient back in the driver’s seat.  The patient pays a flat monthly fee or retainer, and in exchange, physicians provide primary care services.  These services include checkups, urgent care, and chronic care management.

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Wyoming Legislature to Consider “Right to Try”

The 2015 Wyoming Legislative Session is nearly one month away, and the Legislative Service Office (LSO) is busy finalizing bills and posting them online. Since this will be a full legislative session that will last 40 days, every bill will be introduced (in budget sessions every other year, a 2/3 vote in one house is required to introduce a bill). Although bills can die in many ways, usually in a general session each bill at least gets a hearing before its assigned committee. At the time of this writing, ten bills were available, already promising lively discussions on turning the Quebec 1 missile alert facility into a historic site and when to treat road kill as game. Perhaps most interesting so far, however, is Senate File 3, “Right to Try.”

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Ebola or Global Warming – An Agency Out of Focus

by Jason Gay

We are currently watching the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) experience a complete meltdown in public confidence. As the Ebola epidemic in West Africa became a matter of public concern in the U.S., we saw the CDC promptly warn Americans that stopping flights from these nations would put everyone here at greater risk. Those of us using common sense were perplexed, as quarantine is a time-tested successful method for containing a disease. However, the experts had spoken and there was little initial disagreement.

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Good News from Wyoming’s Labor Committee

The Labor committee refused to act as a pawn of special interests, and this is great news for the citizens of Wyoming.

A few months ago I wrote a series of articles explaining how Wyoming’s Labor Committee was considering two bills to block the construction of physician-owned hospitals in the state. These bills, brought to the committee by Sen. Charlie Scott, materialized as a result of lobbying by Casper’s Wyoming Medical Center (WMC). Seems the WMC, afraid of the competition, tried to use the power of government to prevent a group of doctors from building a new hospital in Casper.

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The Black Coats of Death Care

Every Democrat presidential candidate since at least Michael Dukakis has advocated a single-payer health care system in one form or another.[i] While the Affordable Care Act is technically not a single-payer model, it takes a couple of steps in that direction, primarily with insurance rate controls and an expansion of coverage mandates. Senator Harry Reid recently confirmed that the Affordable Care Act was essentially a step toward a single-payer system.

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