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Wyoming’s Pyrrhic Business Tax Victory

Looking superficially at the Tax Foundation’s recently released annual report on state business taxes, state elected officials might feel they have reason to celebrate: Wyoming retains the coveted number one ranking for 2014. Officials could also take pleasure in seeing that our neighboring states are not doing nearly as well:

  • Only one, South Dakota, comes close to competing with us (they rank second);
  • Montana is seventh;
  • Utah is ninth;
  • Idaho is 18th;
  • Colorado is 19th and
  • Nebraska is at a lowly 34th place.
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Capture of Children’s Data Requires Transparency

  • WyLiberty releases Liberty Brief: State Leviathan to Consume Children’s Private Information.
  • Capturing children’s personal information never discussed by legislature.
  • Backdoor funding method implies uncertainty about public support.
  • Instead of building a data Leviathan to increase accountability to the political system, return education accountability to parents, teachers and schools.

CHEYENNE: The Wyoming Liberty Group’s latest Liberty Brief warns parents about the development of a State Longitudinal Data System that will collect their child’s private information from agencies across the state government. State Leviathan to Consume Children’s Private Information, authored by Maureen Bader, was released today 

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Allow Telecommunications Act to Sunset

  • WyLiberty releases Liberty Brief  — Weak Connections in Telecommunications
  • Recommendations:
    • Update legislation to separate telecommunications from Internet service
    • Improve definitions to eliminate ambiguity
    • Join lawsuits filed against the FCC to challenge its expansion 

CHEYENNE: The Wyoming Liberty Group released Weak Connections in Telecommunications today to provide citizens and legislators with alternatives to more government interference in the telecommunications industry as a way to lower consumer prices. 

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ObamaCare, ObamaPhones…ObamaNet?

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When Greece Comes to Wyoming, Part 2

In the first part of this blog I explained:

It is not beyond the realm of possibility that the U.S. Treasury will see its debt costs go up, on average, by a full half percent over the next six months to 12 months. If that happened, American taxpayers would have to pay $46.4 billion per month for a $16 trillion debt (i.e., assuming generously that we add no more debt during the next fiscal year). That adds up to $557 billion per year.

I also asked what Congress will do if faced with a $113-billion increase in the cost of the federal debt over the next year.

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Local Governments Miscalculate Employee Pay

Both the City of Cheyenne and Laramie County governments have prioritized government worker pay hikes in this year’s budget. Both governments are rationalizing prospective hikes with employee pay studies, but these studies seem to be undervaluing, or leaving out altogether, the cost of benefits.

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Time for Local Government Reform

  • The taxpayer gouging must stop 

The Cheyenne City and Laramie County councils are not working in the best interest of the citizens who voted them into office to represent them.

Members of both councils want to fund pay increases to government workers by continuing to pick taxpayers’ pockets while ignoring other options such as privatizing or contracting out poorly run government programs.

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