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"Tax the Rich" Schemes Don't Work

Maureen Bader and Chuck Gray discuss the fall in minerals industry revenue and the governent's futile search for alternative revenue souces. Let's face it. There just aren't enough people in Wyoming to pay for politician's vote buying schemes. Find out what happened in other places who tried to raise taxes on a mobile group in this KVOC radio interview. 


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Instead of "Who" Let's Ask "What"

Maureen Bader talks to John Birbari on KVOW Riverton Radio about Wyoming's spending blowout to buy your votes. Now that minerals industry revenue is on the decline, politiicans are scrambling around to find a way to maintain the illusion of free stuff. But instead of asking "who" will pay for it all, we need to start looking at "what" we are paying for. Politicians can always come up with an answer for "who" but the results are unlikely to pan out. Find out why in this interview. 

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Downtown Cheyenne Still Looking For Its Vision

The leaders of Cheyenne’s Downtown Development Authority (“DDA”) conducted a strategic planning process. The solution for Downtown Cheyenne does not lie in more big-ticket government spending programs. Instead, downtown leaders need to focus on the basics without trying to micromanage the private real estate market.

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Education Spending Wars About to Begin

Members of the Wyoming House and Senate Education committee met last week at the close of the legislative session to discuss potential topics to study over the next 10 months. The meeting began with all of the lackluster enthusiasm of insomniacs watching a midnight infomercial. The usual flock of education bureaucrats and lobbyists representing school board members, the teachers union, community colleges, the University of Wyoming and the State Board of Education presented uninspiring testimony on various subjects from the state’s alignment with the federal Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) to studying transportation costs within the districts.

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WyLiberty Releases Preliminary Legislator Budget Frugality Scorecard

CHEYENNE WY: The Wyoming Liberty Group released the Budget second reading amendment vote scores for Wyoming legislators today. This ranks legislators on frugality as the Wyoming budget moves through the amendment process.

“The Wyoming government’s operational budget has a multi-million dollar deficit and is dipping into the rainy day fund,” said Maureen Bader, WyLiberty economist and study lead. “Which legislators are thrifty and working to bring the budget in line with available funding, and which are pushing the budget over the edge for a deep dive into the rainy day fund? We created this database to find out.”

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Wyoming Budget Update - How to Fund a Golf Course

When it comes to budget building, actions speak louder than words. Legislators talk about spending restraint, but when they continue to funnel depleting funds at golf courses, you've got to wonder just how serious they are.

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JAC Votes to Hide Capitol Renovation Cost Overruns

The Veil of Secrecy is Drawn

When visions of Taj Mahals at the Wyoming Capitol are coupled with state revenues tumbling into the abyss, count on some Wyoming legislators to figure out how to keep on spending. One creative solution is to hide escalating costs in other agency budgets. But burying spending takes the Capitol renovation project in the wrong direction. Instead of creating a legacy debt and higher taxes, the Capitol project must remain transparent and be brought back to a basic renovation, one that Wyoming taxpayers can afford.

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