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The Herschler Question – To Be or Not to Be

The Capitol Renovation Oversight Group met once again discussed alternative designs for the Herschler building renovation and their budget implications. Although briefly mentioned, the option to leave the Herschler renovation for another day went disregarded.

The Herschler renovation may still go the way of the Dodo should project costs continue to rise.

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Delayed Decisions Dig a Deeper Fiscal Hole

Governor Mead announced he will cut approximately $200 million from the current fiscal year’s spending. This apparent burst of fiscal conservatism came as a result of a clause in the 2014 budget bill directing the governor to review agency budgets and reduce them if it looks like the fall in tax revenue will result in a deficit. Revenue has been on a downswing for a year now, but Governor Mead’s main solutions will only dig a deeper fiscal hole.

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Committee Cuts Executive Building from Capitol Project

In a rare example of decision making, the Capitol Oversight Committee voted unanimously to approve a new design option for the Herschler building, one without an executive building. This will likely be the first of many reductions in the scope of the over-budget Capitol Square project. It’s too bad it takes a fiscal crisis for our governing class to be more efficient about space and tax dollars.

And let’s hope this is not just an attempt to free up cash to continue building a Taj Mahal next door.

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Picking Winners in the Malting Barley Handout Game

Craft beer production is booming, but the big players in brewing, Coors and Anheuser Busch for example, tie up much of beer making’s key ingredient – malting barley. This would seem to create a niche for small malting companies to fill. One would think, if this truly were such a great opportunity, entrepreneurs would be falling over each other to supply this niche.

But if they aren’t, taxpayers shouldn’t be forced to either.

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Maureen Bader
Thank you Travis for your comment. I think a malt house has the potential to be a great business. What I wonder, however, is why t... Read More
Wednesday, 09 March 2016 14:17
Maureen Bader
Hi again Travis. Dreams are what America is made of. The issue is what kind of dreams? Entrepreneurs with ideas for serving custom... Read More
Thursday, 10 March 2016 08:00
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Funneling Public Money to Private Interests

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Corporate Welfare’s White Elephants

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Cheyenne Wants a Home for a White Elephant to Roam

Wyoming faces a multi-million dollar deficit in the 2017-18 biennium and the specter of plummeting revenue looms large on the horizon. Why then, is the State Loan and Investment Board (SLIB) about to rubber stamp funding to help lift a new $18 million terminal off the ground at an airport that just last year lost 50 percent of its customer seating capacity and has no hope of takeoff anytime soon? Government does a bad job of picking winners and with all the problems with the airline industry, constructing a new airport terminal in Cheyenne will undoubtedly leave us with a white elephant we can ill afford.

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