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Corporate Welfare and Fuel Poverty in Wyoming

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Fuel Poverty – Coming Soon to Wyoming

A quick look at price trends for goods and services reveals a head scratcher. While prices in the private sector tend to fall, prices in government-regulated industries, much like the cost of government itself, tend to rise.

Why might that be?  Perhaps because in the private sector, the profit motive drives entrepreneurs to find ways such as technological advance to lower costs, and competition forces them to pass these cost savings on to consumers. Government and regulated industries, acting as monopoly providers without the disciplining force of competition and with virtually unlimited access to other people’s money, face different incentives.

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Data Centers Threaten to Doom Families to Fuel Poverty

  • Corporate welfare violates the Wyoming Constitution.
  • Data Center tax breaks cost taxpayers more than $500,000 per job.
  • Higher electricity demand could send electricity rates skyward.
  • Instead of picking winners and losers, the government should reduce taxes for all companies and let those with good ideas and private funding prevail.

CHEYENNE, WY: The Wyoming Liberty Group released “Data Centers, The Hidden Costs of Corporate Welfare” today, blasting the government’s policy of using tax dollars to attract businesses to the state and warning families about the specter of fuel poverty as a result of the latest corporate welfare fad.

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