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Anti-Bullying and the First Amendment: A Muddled Mess

Local governments and the State of Wyoming are giving special attention to school bulllying this year. The issue is national in scope in light of recent suicides related to bullying. The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights will host a meeting tomorrow in Washington to examine the federal government’s response to peer-to-peer violence and bullying. Wyoming Liberty Group counsel Benjamin Barr prepared these comments regarding anti-bullying measures in schools and free speech.  
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Opening the Political Dam

by Benjamin Barr, Steve Klein

Liberty Brief 001 e1302493681397Opening the Political Dam: A Call to Free Speech Reform in Wyoming
Benjamin Barr

“All power is inherent in the people . . .”
Wyo. Const. art. I, § 1.

“Every person may freely speak, write and publish on all subjects . . .”
Wyo. Const. art. I, § 20.

“Congress shall make no law . . . abridging the freedom of speech . . . or the right of the people to peaceably assemble . . .”
U.S. Const. amend. I.

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Taxpayer Money Hard at Work: Ending a Bailout for the Political Class

Recently , the US Supreme Court accepted a challenge to Arizona’s “Clean Elections” scheme.  A program that dare not speak its own name – taxpayer funded elections – will test the mettle of the Court and its commitment to the First Amendment.

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Deflating the Myths Behind Citizens United Part 1 First Truths of the First Amendment

In my next set of blog entries, I’ll be discussing the fallout of the Supreme Court’s opinion in Citizens United. A national confusion has arisen over the meaning of the case and its role, positive or negative, in our democratic process. Amidst many shouting voices, some historic truths have been overlooked.

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Supreme Court Cites Wyoming Liberty Group in Citizens United Decision

In a landmark decision, which cited the Cheyenne based Wyoming Liberty Group’s amicus brief, the U.S. Supreme Court on Jan. 21 reversed precedence that limited the ability of Americans to freely participate in the election process.

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