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The $18 Trillion Debt in Perspective

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Would You Trust Your Adversary With All This Power?

I normally don’t write about non-economic issues, and I am quite late commenting on the SOPA/PIPA internet regulation bills, but there is an economic tangent to them that is worth pointing out.

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Wyoming Homeland Security Series – Part 2: 9/11 Signals New Age of Federal Spending in Wyoming

By JP Eichmiller

January 16, 2012

Note: the following story is the second part of the Wyoming Homeland Security series. To read part 1, click here.

The advent of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security nearly one decade ago created a seismic shift in the reliance of state and local governments on federal funding.

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Cutting Spending: Where to Begin

The debt ceiling battle on Capitol Hill appears to have led to an agreement. This is good, because the debate has been both frustrating and refreshing. It has been frustrating because it should not be this hard for responsible politiciansto do the right thing. It has been refreshing because the battle has separated the responsible from the politicians.

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The Implications of Post-Election Federal Tax and Fiscal Policy for Wyoming

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