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Capitol Renovation Budget Transparency Maintained - For Now

Certain very powerful senators tried to bury the cost overruns of their favorite boondoggle, the Wyoming Capitol building. Fortunately for Wyoming taxpayers, they have been reigned in.

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Wyoming Budget Update - Capitol Cost Overruns Remain Transparent

The attempt to hide the Capitol Renovation cost overrun in another agency budget and fund that overrun with funds destined to demolish a sinking prison was foiled by the State senate and this effort was supported by the House appropriations committee. 


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Will a Multi-Million Dollar Man Stop the Muddle?

As dreams of palaces turn into nightmares, Wyoming’s Capitol renovation project muddles along to fiscal disaster. After paying millions to design and architectural consultants and having state employees work on the project for more than a year, the committee has decided it’s time to hire someone to manage the project. But instead of hiring someone to translate the committee’s vision of sugar plums into reality, it should return to the original basic renovation, delete the executive building from the equation and cut out last minute costly niceties.

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Capitol Renovation Spending Rides the Runaway Train

It is not a wonder the state is chugging towards the fiscal cliff with $300 million boondoggles like the Capitol renovation project riding the runaway train. With the final design still not approved and wild accusations flying around the committee room, this done deal is a good example of monument building destined to leave a legacy of debt and higher taxes for our children and grandchildren.

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Capitol Square Project – A Spending Disaster in the Making

Wyoming’s State Capitol renovation project is in trouble, and spin won’t fix it. That’s why a $200,000, three-year communications contract to a well-known Cheyenne firm to sell the project raised a few eyebrows. Legislators questioned whether the project should even go ahead, as the design itself is a long way from finalized. With budget deficits and funding uncertainty, is it right to spend money on propaganda for a project with problems no communications plan could fix?

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