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Education Litigation, The Elephant in the Room

A slew of legal cases spanning two decades has been the most powerful force in creating Wyoming's K-12 public education system.  These cases have led to the "Dictatorial Behemouth" Wyoming now has as it's education system.  With court ordered rules and requirements and continual legislative mandates, Wyoming lives under a monster of its own making.  

Continuing from Part 1 of their conversation, "Is Education Litigation Getting in the Way of Education?" listen in as Bob Nelson and Boyd Wiggam talk with Amy Edmonds about possible solutions to this behemouth in K-12 education.  

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Wyoming Education Spends a Lot of Bucks With Little Bang

Robert Nelson explains how Wyoming spends more on education than its neighbors but shows no improvement in student test scores.  

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Has Education Litigation Gotten in the Way of Education?

Has the Wyoming Constitution and a slew of education litigation results from the Wyoming Supreme Court gotten in the way of transformative education in Wyoming?  Listen in as Amy Edmonds talks with Bob Nelson, education finance policy analyst and Boyd Wiggam, chief council for the Wyoming Liberty Group as they discuss the Wyoming education system as it stands today.  Do we need to do something with the Wyoming Constitution in order to get real reform in education?  Has the requirements of litigation in public education really achieved what it said it would? Listen in and find out!

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Not proficient in reading and math? No job for you!

We read frequently about employers who desperately want to hire and put people to work. And we often read about how young people are desperate to find jobs “with a living wage.” So why aren’t they teaming up and living happily ever after? Where’s the disconnect?

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Education Consultant Faults Wyoming

Wyoming has been paying a ton of money for K-12 education since 2005. The reason for the heavy spending? It was a major Wyoming Supreme Court/Legislative overhaul of the way our schools were being funded to equalize spending among students.

Now we find that the consultants, on whose advice the spending was largely based, criticize the system for weak performance. Unbiased observers who look at the facts have to agree that skyrocketing spending isn’t improving results.

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Don't hurt the kids but cut the spending

Bob Nelson and Glenn Woods discuss how necessary cuts to Wyoming's education spending need not hurt kids, but will require courage and hard choices.

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Education Spending and Outcomes

In this short video, Amy Edmonds outlines the disconnect between skyrocketing education spending and student outcomes. If you think spending more means better outcomes, you must watch this video. 

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