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Education Litigation, The Elephant in the Room

A slew of legal cases spanning two decades has been the most powerful force in creating Wyoming's K-12 public education system.  These cases have led to the "Dictatorial Behemouth" Wyoming now has as it's education system.  With court ordered rules and requirements and continual legislative mandates, Wyoming lives under a monster of its own making.  

Continuing from Part 1 of their conversation, "Is Education Litigation Getting in the Way of Education?" listen in as Bob Nelson and Boyd Wiggam talk with Amy Edmonds about possible solutions to this behemouth in K-12 education.  

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School Choice is the Right Choice for Wyoming

Amy Edmonds explains how school choice provides quality education to students and saves taxpayers money.

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Amy Edmonds Speaks About Education Savings Account with Chuck Gray KVOC

Amy Edmonds spoke with Chuck Gray on his radio show Tuesday and discussed why Education Savings Accounts will help improve the state's budget woes and provide much needed school choice options throughout the state.  Education Savings Accounts are funded through a voluntary tax credit and then awarded to means tested Wyoming families and would provide $8000 per child for their education.  Wyoming currently spends over $16,000 per child on public education.  This plan would provide a savings of half that cost.  Listen as Amy and Chuck discuss the details.  


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