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Tracking Ebola

There is a lot of misinformation and, possibly, disinformation out there on Ebola. There is also a bit of panic. As a former firearms instructor, I can tell you that panic is exactly the wrong response to a problem, whether it is ten feet away or ten thousand miles away.

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Ebola or Global Warming – An Agency Out of Focus

by Jason Gay

We are currently watching the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) experience a complete meltdown in public confidence. As the Ebola epidemic in West Africa became a matter of public concern in the U.S., we saw the CDC promptly warn Americans that stopping flights from these nations would put everyone here at greater risk. Those of us using common sense were perplexed, as quarantine is a time-tested successful method for containing a disease. However, the experts had spoken and there was little initial disagreement.

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Ebola, Government and Health Care

When government creates a spending program, it also makes a promise to taxpayers. So long as the sum total of those promises is small and government limited to protecting life, liberty and property, we have good reasons to believe that government can deliver on its promises. However, the more promises government makes, the fewer of those promises it will be able to keep. 

As government promises reach into income redistribution and services like health care, the distance between promise and provision grows into a chasm.

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