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A Grizzly Situation: Is the Right to Self-Defense Extinct?

Something is seriously amiss when it comes to grizzly bears and the federal government.  At the end of May, a jury found Stephen Westmoreland guilty of illegally taking a grizzly bear. Though he claimed self-defense in his trip to the Greater Yellowstone area, bear management experts testified about the nuances of how bears retreat and argued that the shooting was not justified.  During the same time period, an unlucky visitor at Denali National Park happened upon a grizzly bear. Fortunate for himself and his female companion, he fired nine shots into the bear, stopping its assault and saving their lives.

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WLG joins Chicago Gun Case

Living conditions in post-Civil War New Orleans weren’t exactly what you would call ideal.

Water from the Mississippi River was polluted with the waste from dozens of slaughterhouses that operated about a mile up stream from the city. This waste, including intestines, blood and feces would clog around pipes that provided drinking water to the city. The pollution led to massive outbreaks of cholera, yellow fever and other diseases.

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